FRT #2: Kissing Stories

For Real Tho, this one’s about weather or not it is acceptable to eat at chain restaurants, men with accents and Bianca, Jillian and Katie swap kissing stories… enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

#029: Victory Kid

On this weeks episode of The Undiscovered Sound, Jeff speaks with Victory Kid and premiers a new single! Music is also featured by Forgetting Yesterday, Wavebreak, The Playbook and more!

Man Of The hour with Seb Lefebvre and Patrick Langlois

#2503: U.F.whOcares

Man Of The Hour is back for another week of mayhem and music, and they’ve got plenty of stories to keep you entertained.

BDS #78: Commanding & Master Debating

Listen Up! On today’s episode, Katie is back and she brought her mom! The day of the Leclercs only continues when the Master Debater joins the show…enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

#109: Nicola Yoon – Whachudoin’?, Mary Shelley + Jane Yolen – She Did It!, Bilal Review

YA author Nicola Yoon joins us for her very own Whachudoin’?, then we bring back our She Did It! segment to highlight Mary Shelley and Jane Yolen. Plus, a report all about Escape Velocity, and a review of Bilal.

#069: John Rankin

John Rankin joins Scott to talk about music discovery, New Music Inferno, and pro-wrestling.

BDS #77: No Katie. But We Have a Fish!

Listen Up! On today’s episode, Brett is flying solo, sort of. Fish of idobi radio’s Gone Fishkin is in studio. Also Maddidocious and Soon To Be Named Meghan… give Brett a personality test…enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

#209: Caught in a Bad Beau-mance

Beau Bokan (Bless The Fall) and street artist ThankYouX (Ryan Wilson) reminisce on the early days.

PTV #1: Eric Bauza; A Man of Many Voices!

On the first episode of Pruner TV, Aaron talks Olympics wardrobe malfunctions, Ryan Murphy’s escape from Disney, and delves into a world of cartoon craziness with voice over phenomenon, Eric Bauza (Muppet Babies, TMNT, Looney Toons, and more) … enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

106: This Is Passion (Guest: Jawn Rocha)

Awsten & Travis chastise their guest, reassess their views on childhood favorites, and chastise their guest. Spawsten: Wattpad Podcast: Play in new window | Download