#067 – Bearings, Stand Atlantic, Co-host Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes

Take a listen to Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes co-hosting my show to premiere some songs + Stand Atlantic and Bearings called in! We also called Grizzlee Martin.

#020: JJ Brine

This week on BLACKOUT with Samantha Scarlette and Eddie Barella, the inspiration behind this season of the television series American Horror Story, JJ Brine. Listen as Brine comments on his portrayal in the hit series and later conducts a meditative ritual. Warning: do not listen to this episode while driving or operating heavy machinery.  Follow BLACKOUT on Twitter: @BLACKOUTwithUs Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes […]

#060: Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), The Heirs

The Gunz Show is back with his 60th podcast, and you’re in store for chats with Alex Gaskarth + The Heirs

The Nick Major Show

#036: In the Navy!

In this episode, Nick’s childhood friend Bryce reflects on boot-camp, training, and—of course—a few of the wild memories.

#086: Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) – Part Two

Darrin and TS dial the booze down (quality wise) and pound some Miller Lites.

#096: Women of Star Wars, Doctor Who Report, The Good Place

Time to get your passports stamped, ’cause this week on Geek Girl Riot we’re traveling all over the geekdom: The Good Place, Doctor Who, and Star Wars.

#047: Steven Horowitz

Steven Horowitz joins Scott to talk about New York, writing, and Mariah Carey.

#283: New Politics, One For The Braves

This week on Eddie Jason & Chris, David Boyd, singer of alternative powerhouse New Politics, talks about the band’s new record. Plus, up-and-coming band, One for the Braves, premieres a new song. 

#066 – Smallpools, Between You & Me, 7 Minutes In Heaven, Co-host Zach DeWall

Listen to Zach DeWall from Set It Off co-hosting my show plus interviews with Smallpools, Between You & Me, and 7 Minutes In Heaven here!

#019: Gian J. Quasar

This week on BLACKOUT, Samantha Scarlette and Eddie Barella welcome author Gian J. Quasar to talk about mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and Isaac Weishaupt of IlluminatiWatcher.com reveals the meaning behind the symbolism in Taylor Swift’s new music video. Follow BLACKOUT on Twitter: @BLACKOUTwithUs Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes Podcast: Play in new window | Download