PHOTOS: Twenty One Pilots in Paris

By Gaëlle Pitrel By | February 20, 2014 at 11:00 AM

idobi Photographer Gaëlle Pitrel got to shoot Twenty One Pilots at le Nouveau Casino in Paris, France on February 15th. Check out the pictures below!

twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-01 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-02 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-03 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-04 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-05 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-06 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-07 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-08 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-09 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-10 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-11 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-12 twenty-one-pilots-15-02-14-13

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