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New EJC Featuring Meltdown Artists – TONIGHT 9p ET

Stay tuned in after NSA with Josh Madden, because Eddie Jason & Chris are LIVE tonight (3/01) with an all new show, featuring idobi Meltdown artists!

Get to know a couple of really cool bands before you see them play at idobi Radio’s Meltdown Festival, outside of Washington, DC, one week from tomorrow! MTV Buzzworthy Band, Diamond Youth, will phone in LIVE at 10:15pm ET.

Also, Laura, from Laura Stevenson And The Cans, said she would try to call in via a Twitter conversation. We’ll see if we can get her to phone in live!

Tune in tonight at 9p ET (6p PT), only on idobi Radio.

Buy your idobi Meltdown tickets before it’s too late! We’re expected to sell out!

Call in: 1-888-99-IDOBI  (1-888-994-3624)
Skype: EJCshow
Listen: web player / app
Podcast: www.EJCshow.com

Diamond Youth, “Orange”:


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