The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Knuckle Puck

One thing is for certain; Knuckle Puck is going to be huge and I am going to help them be huge. I’ve been supporting them for a bit now on The Gunz Show and am very stoked on their new Flexy they just released..


Gone Fishkin – Interview w/ The Baby Grand

The Baby Grand calls into Gone Fishkin to discuss all facets of his brand new EP, from recording in LA to intentions with varying sonic styles to the accidental writing process of “Bad, Bad Man”.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ John Feldmann

I was honored enough to speak with a person who has pretty much been a part of some of the biggest pop punk hits and albums that this, “Scene,” has seen in the past 10 years + .

John Feldmann, lead singer of ska-punk heroes Goldfinger, called into The Gunz Show to talk about his producing of the +1 album in the world, 5 Seconds of Summer’s self-titled album. He addresses the critics of 5SOS from the ever-so-intelligent trolls on the Internet, and has an idea for what they can do to themselves.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Tay Jardine

I had a chance to speak with my buddy Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd.  Now every time Tay calls in, God knows where the conversation will head… including this one where we talked about the passing of Robin Williams, the movie ‘Hook.’ Salute Your Shorts and of course their upcoming tour with New Found Glory.

frank iero

The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Frank Iero

My Chemical Romance is a band that I’ve seen forever… literally since they were opening for Midtown or playing shows with Senses Fail and Reggie back in the day… I’ve been able to see them go from playing at the Troc in Philly, to headlining Madison Square Garden. The Black Parade times may be over, but the music continues on… most notably, with Frank Iero.


Eddie Jason & Chris – Interview w/ Pepper

Hear Jason Newcomer of the EJC Show chat with Pepper about the brothership in the band that contributes to their continued success, the vibe of their live performance and how many times they’ve played Red Rocks.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Senses Fail

It’s been 10 god damn years since, Let It Enfold You, first came out by Senses Fail and wow how the time has passed. In fact, that’s f’n wild that it’s been 10 years. I spoke with lead singer Buddy about that album, what they thought about it at the time, as well as if it would still resonate and hold up if they released it today.

Let's Talk Music with Scoggs VERSA Interview Idobi Radio.

Let’s Talk Music with Scoggs – VERSA Interview

It’s been a while since fans have heard from VERSA’s Blake Harnage and Sierra Kusterbeck, but on this week’s Let’s Talk Music with Scoggs — the duo had the opportunity so share what they’ve been working on. It seems a new EP is in the works, complete with three brand new songs! Take a listen to find out what else they have up their sleeves, and which albums from this year they can’t get enough of.


Metalix – Interview with Rottenness

08/04/14 – Jaleel and Ben are in studio after a 7000 mile trek from Jaleel’s home town of Cancun, Mexico which included a set at Denver Black Sky this weekend. Jaleel won’t disclose his day job but details the Mexican metal scene, international collaboration with Denver resident Ben and whomever might play drums (like Suffocation’s […]