EJC ReverbNation Artist of the Month – American Pinup

Listen in to hear Lauren West of EJC Reverbnation Artist of the Month, American Pinup, chat about her early life in the music industry, the contrast between a desk job and band life, and share the band’s plans for a new album.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Aaron Marsh of Copeland

Aaron Marsh called into The Gunz Show and did his first interview in about 4 years or so and talked about Copeland’s return, what they’ve been up to, the album officially being done and released in November and much more.

new found glory2

The Gunz Show – Interview w/ New Found Glory

New Found Glory. A band that has helped create and shape the modern pop-punk “Scene” as we know it… they have literally been through it all. I’ve been fortunate to see them tour with Piebald and Saves the Day back in the day, to the co-headline with Good Charlotte years later, to the mall punk era, to now the Resurrection era for them… now as a 4 piece and perhaps better and most definitely stronger than ever.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Yellowcard

YELLOWCARD. A band that I have seen since their first EP… a band that was on the top of the world in the pop punk scene, to facing the inevitable struggle of being replaced by newer, ‘hipper’ bands, to coming back and killing it with their last couple of albums. And their latest one, Lift A Sail is one for the ages.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Man Overboard

Those crazy ballers Justin and Nic called into The Gunz Show to cause havoc, ruin people’s lives, and make us all hate each other. They also apparently talk about their new EP, marriage because why would anyone ever want to get married, and about how ballin > suppy.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ The Madden Brothers

Benji and Joel Madden.  Such a long journey they’ve had since the early Good Charlotte days. I’m proud to have been able to see them play and tour with such bands like FENIX TX and “A” New Found Glory back in the day.

patent pending

Gone Fishkin – Interview w/ Patent Pending

I had the honor of talking to long time friends Patent Pending about the Mario And The Brick Breakers: “Hey Mario” Movie, as well as their new album Patent Pending Presents: M&TBB Greatest Hits.


Gone Fishkin – Interview w/ Grizzly

I had a chance to catch up with up and coming pop punk band Grizzly. They exclusively announced their debut EP Small Things, coming out on October 14th.


Metalix – Interview with Make Way

Monday 09/22/14 – Steve, Talon, Nate and Jeremy from Make Way on Square One (release show Saturday 09/27 at Marquis), the band’s formation and Steve’s adoration for a certain reptile.

frank iero

Eddie Jason & Chris – Interview w/ Frank Iero

Eddie Barella of the EJC Show chatted with Frank Iero about the response to his latest project, frnkiero and the cellabration, the progression of his live band and the experience of filming two music videos in two days.

Transit 2014

The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Transit

I had the opportunity to speak with my friend Joe of TRANSIT.  We spoke about the lineup changes obviously within Transit, but more importantly their new album, their upcoming tours and overall just what has been going on with the band. They’ve been around and have helped grow the Scene, and it was rad to speak with them!