The Gunz Show – Jack Barakat of All Time Low

I had a blast with Jack Barakat from All Time Low on The Gunz Show this past weekend… it’s a hilarious interview… he talks about hosting the Alt Press Music Awards (APMAs) which was awesome… talks about drama that happened during it and the live show because of course things would go wrong during a live show (believe me.. I work in live TV and Radio… it happens all the time)


Metalix – Interview with Iona Grove

JJ (guitar) and Jackson (vocals) of Iona Grove detail the complex path that led to their emergence in the complex genre of progressive melodic hardcore.


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Candy Hearts

Mariel of Candy Hearts stopped by The Gunz Show studios to cause some havoc and have some fun as we discussed their upcoming run on the Warped Tour… as well as the first time we met (during a New Found Glory concert where I got yelled at haha).


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Fall Out Boy

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the better people this industry has seen; Pete Wentz. It’s wild to think how big FOB has gotten, and yet they’re still cool as hell, down to earth, and really have made such a positive impact on music – especially for our “scene.”


Rock The Walls – Interview with The Bloodline

Rock The Walls Host Patrick Walford had the chance to speak with Vocalist of The Bloodline Travis Neal about the band’s debut album We Are One, the organic writing process of the record, The Civil Unrest Tour, and much more. You can catch them out on the Midwestern leg of The Civil Unrest Tour this week […]


The Gunz Show – Interview w/ State Champs

I spoke with my buddy Derek of STATE CHAMPS in an in-depth interview regarding wrapping up the Future Hearts Tour, talking about the new upcoming full length and when it will be released this year, as well as touring with our favorite Aussie’s 5 Seconds of Summer.


Let’s Talk Music – Interview w/ Aaron Marsh of Copeland

This past weekend I caught up with Copeland’s Aaron Marsh backstage at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA. Copeland has been on tour with Paramore for their Writing The Future Tour, and I caught Aaron just as the tour was wrapping up. We discuss their relationship with Paramore, Copeland’s history and future — and the albums […]