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    Thursdays 7 pm ET idobi Radio




Show Description

Pull the seat back, fire one up, and get comfortable… it’s time to take a ride on The Way Highway, a radio show about the wild, weird and wonderful world of weed.

Justin Ware and Sean Cowhig, the show’s co-hosts, are members of the renowned Los Angeles comedy group Dr. God, and their comedic backgrounds shine through on a show that occasionally dips into the serious, but more often celebrates the fun and goofy side of sparking up.

It’s a jam-packed hour of unique conversations with great guests, reviews of 4/20 friendly products, and deep dives into the kind of bizarre topics you only discuss when you’re stoned out of your gourd. (For example, check out their weekly segment “Things I Learned While High.”) The show is brought to you by Nice Guy Digital (The Brett Davern Show) and Dr. God Productions.

If you want to ride high… always take The Way Highway.

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