Lorene Scafaria

Sisterhood is a blanket and it is a blade (and dammit it’s wonderful).



Susannah Grant and Lisa Cholodenko

When a predator hunts women, it takes women to bring them down.


It Chapter Two

Andy Muschietti

Pennywise is back and the Losers have to stand against him once more, even if it costs them everything. 


Don't Let Go

Jacob Estes

A mix of the 2000 film Frequency and a cop murder-mystery. 


Brittany Runs a Marathon

Paul Downs Colaizzo

A steel-set gem of a movie about one woman’s journey of self-realization and actualization.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Directed by Louis LeTerrier, Written by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews

Basically: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is everything cult fanatics could want with enough adventure to create a whole new generation of fans. On the planet of Thra, a thousand years before the Great Conjunction, the Gelfling, Podlings, Skeksis, and a variety of other fantastical creatures are living in the Age of Division. Aughra, […]


Angel Has Fallen

Ric Roman Waugh

Once was chance. Twice was coincidence. Three times is a habit. And Gerard Butler is definitely back to old habits but this time he has to save himself…oh, and the President…again.


Good Boys

Gene Stupnitsky

A raucous teen comedy but with sixth graders in a sixth-grade world.


Blinded by the Light

Gurinder Chadha

This one is for those of us who want to change our clothes, our hair, our face but then we glow up…