State of Mind

The Faim

The Faim have been poised to steal your heart for a while and now, with State of Mind, they’re running away with it completely, carried by stadium-ready choruses and lyrics that cut in a way only total honesty can. 


Beneath The Eyrie

Produced by Tom Dalgety

“Here in the valley that we all know a river bend that’s deep and slow / Where every creature drinks their fill and other creatures take their kill” The Pixies’ long music history isn’t proliferated by albums, the latest, Beneath the Eyrie, makes just seven. The newest edition to this small but outstandingly influential discography […]


How It Feels To Be Lost

Produced by Matt Good and Zakk Cervini

    “Life’s too short to be worried ’bout whatever So you keep shining in the sun but I like the night time better” For Sleeping With Sirens fans who were less than supportive of the band’s necessary and fruitful detour into a more pop-like expression on Madness, How It Feels To Be Lost will […]



Frank Iero and the Future Violents

Barriers is complex, messy, and, above all, therapeutic.



The Dose

The Dose are the 90’s rock revival you’ve been waiting for.


Map of the Soul : Persona


BTS are “Flying high in the sky…with the two wings” ARMY gave them. With all of that love, devotion, and support (since the beginning) each are now BOYS WITH LUV.


You Are Ok

The Maine

Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone and that, no matter what I’m going through, I’ll be OK. And so will you.


Mystic Truth

Bad Suns

Plan a road trip to anywhere and roll the windows down just so you can let your hand ride over the wind while you listen to Bad Suns’ new album Mystic Truth.


Loud Mouth EP


Pop music is changing and TiLLie is at the head of the revolution.


Bright Night Flowers

Jon Fratelli

This is the sound of an artist, a songwriter, becoming more and more comfortable slowing things down, allowing for subtlety, and openly aching.