The Battle at Garden’s Gate

Greta Van Fleet

There were moments listening to this album that I was sure I was hearing the future, and there were moments where I was just as sure that the mid-70s lineup of Canadian prog gods Rush had somehow travelled forward in time and possessed the bodies of younger men to make some of these songs.


Dream Weapon

Genghis Tron

Great news: This is still Genghis Tron. It’s a slightly different flavor, sure. But this is still a band that smashes genres, pushes boundaries, and makes some excellent music while doing so. 


I Only Want to Live Once

John the Ghost

I Only Want to Live Once is the result of a passionate and talented musician let loose to do whatever he wants…and, of course, it all works. 


Every Second

Little Hurt

This EP shows raw honest vulnerability and an intimate insight into Dieden’s inner workings, while making us wish we were dancing in a crowded concert venue with our fists in the air.


This is Our Life

Des Rocs

Des Rocs’ new EP This is Our Life is the blackest of leather coats at the Rock and Roll High School.


Death of an Optimist


If you bite the hand, get louder and defiant A couple of years ago when reviewing grandson’s first EP, a modern tragedy vol. 1, I referred to the multi-talented musician as being an artist to help you survive today’s uneasy world. With the release of his debut album, Death of an Optimist, I’m even more […]


Whatever, Man


After my first full listen of Whatever, Man—from Kansas City’s BLACKSTARKIDS—I was left asking myself, “Wait… did I like this?”




It’s only going to take a single listen for every song to implant itself in your head, but Girlfriends has the kind of lasting value you’ll want to have as a permanent part of your music collection.


Wrong Generation


Wrong Generation goes hard right out of the gate with “BITE BACK”, guitars and crashing drums building into a headphone-shaking stomp in less than a minute.


Hands Like Houses EP

Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses’s new self-titled EP is certainly a departure from their Metalcore roots.