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Artists Arguing

With Eden

Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party

With Awsten Knight (of Waterparks) and Travis Riddle (of nothing)


With Samantha Scarlette

Dangerous Darrin

With Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger (ft. TS)

Emo Nite Radio

With Emo Nite LA

First Person

With Josh Madden + Trent Vanegas

For Real Tho

With Katie Leclerc, Jillian Rose Reed, and Bianca Bethune

Gone Fishkin

With Fish

Hostage Radio

With Denny Leclerc

In Frequency

With Eleanor Grace

It’s News to Us

With Eddie and Jason

Let’s Talk with Scoggs

With Sara Scoggins

Live & Direct

With Kraddy

Man Of The Hour

With Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois

Metal DNA

With Shawn Kupfer


With B-Lo

Mike Herrera Hour

With Mike Herrera of MXPX

Mixed Tape

With John O'Callaghan

No Filter

With The Weekend Riot

Peer Pleasure

With Dewey Halpaus


With Aaron Pruner

Rock The Walls

With Patrick Walford

Spinning Thoughts

With Angelo Gargaro

The ANTIcast

With Anti Flag

The Brett Davern Show

With Brett Davern

The Cool Nerd Weed Show

With TS and Sasha

The CrankThatFrank Show

With Frank Gioia + Evangeline DeMuro

The Gunz Show

With Gunz

The Nick Major Show

With Nick Major

The Noise

With Jimmy Smith

The Rockstar Dad Show

With Jaret Reddick + Gary Wiseman of Bowling For Soup

The Sound Lab

With Jim Garrett

The Undiscovered Sound

With Jeff Motekaitis

The Way Highway

With Justin Ware and Sean Cowhig

Tosta Mista

With Álvaro Costa

Waldman’s Words

With Scott Waldman

Wesam’s World

With Wesam Keesh

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Wednesday, 26th June
12:00pm ET

Man Of The Hour

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