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Artists Arguing

With Eden


With Samantha Scarlette and Eddie Barella

Dangerous Darrin

With Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger (ft. TS)

Gone Fishkin

With Fish

In Frequency

With Eleanor Grace

Let’s Talk Music

With Scoggs

Man Of The Hour

With Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois

Metal DNA

With Shawn Kupfer


With B-Lo

Mike Herrera Hour

With Mike Herrera of MXPX

No Filter

With The Weekend Riot

Peer Pleasure

With Dewey Halpaus

Rock The Walls

With Patrick Walford

The Gunz Show

With Gunz

The Nick Major Show

With Nick Major

The Noise

With Jimmy Smith

The Sound Lab

With Jim Garrett

The Undiscovered Sound

With Jeff Motekaitis

Waldman’s Words

With Scott Waldman

Live on idobi Radio


8:52pm ET
Sunday, 28th May
12:00am ET

Peer Pleasure

idobi Radio


Monday, 29th May
3:00am ET


idobi Radio

#037: John Frum

7:00am ET

In Frequency

idobi Radio

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