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Third Eye Blind Ready For Next Album, Jenkins Returns To Acting

Third Eye Blind has more than 30 songs written for the band’s still-untitled follow-up to 1999’s Blue. The band hasn’t gone in to record the tunes, however, since its new studio was just completed.

Meanwhile, singer Stephan Jenkins is following up his role in film Rockstar with an appearance in an independent movie currently in production in Los Angeles. The film, called Angelic Tuesday, is directed by Simon Gornick. Jenkins plays a loner named Matt in the film.

LAUNCH asked Jenkins how he makes room for acting in a world of Third Eye Blind. “Sometimes people go, ‘So which is it? Are you a musician or an actor?’ I’m entirely and completely a musician. I’m really about making music, and that’s my life’s work,” he said. “When a race car driver goes out and plays tennis, nobody goes, ‘So are you a tennis player?’ I also cook chicken. That doesn’t make me a chef.”