The Strokes Feel Pressure As New Album Unfolds

By | September 3, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Recording an album can put a lot of pressure on a band. Just ask the Strokes, who are getting ready to release their second album Room On Fire on October 20. Vocalist Julian Casablancas admits that he felt a lot of stress when working on the upcoming album, the follow-up 2001’s Is This It.

Casablancas told MTV, “If you’re in a bar and a certain song comes on and the vibe is just different, it evokes the kinds of things that you want to feel, and if music can do that it’s a very special thing. It’s those sorts of feelings that we kind of play with, but there’s a lot of chance of failing.” He added “One of the big songwriting things for me has always been: always think what you do sucks. Because the second you stop believing that, you suck. And that’s a fact.”

The Strokes will release the single “12:51” on October 6 and are in the midst of shooting its accompanying video with director Roman Coppola.