The All-American Rejects Are Back with an EP and Short Film

Prepare to have "Sweat" stuck in your head for days By | July 13, 2017 at 11:45 AM

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for new material from The All-American Rejects, and this week, they finally made a compelling comeback.

Their latest two-track EP tackles themes of destiny (the thumping “Sweat”) and relationships (the slow and sultry “Close Your Eyes”), with a Jamie Thraves’ directed short film tying them together. Starring Tyson Ritter as both Betsy, a cross-dressing streetwalker who seduces a Natalie Portman doppleganger, and Robert, a family man on his way to a surprise party, the film explores the way his two identities are woven together and things get pretty complicated.

You’ll want to watch the film, not just for the intriguing narrative, but also the mesmerizing dancing midway through, so take a look below, and then stream the EP on Spotify. If these two songs mark the opening of a new chapter for the multi-platinum Rejects, we’re excited to see where their story takes us.