Spears, wrestling, Obama lead Yahoo top 10 searches

By | December 1, 2008 at 6:06 PM

Barack Obama ‘s presidential victory got more clicks than any other story on yahoo.com this year, but the most searched term was ” Britney Spears ,” Yahoo reported on In the top 10 searches, Spears — the most popular search term for seven of the past eight years — was followed by World Wrestling Entertainment and then by Obama, Yahoo said.

Others on Yahoo’s top 10 list aAThe top 10 political searches were Obama, Sarah Palin , John McCain , Hillary Clinton , George Bush , Ron Paul, John Edwards, Mike Huckabee , Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney .

Yahoo said the most searched news stories were on hurricanes, Caylee and Casey Anthony , election 2008, Pakistan , pregnant man, China, Iraq, Shelley Malil , Patrick Swayze and Afghanistan .