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Silverstein teases announcement while revisiting Myspace’s glory days

silverstein3Silverstein must be missing 2005 as much as we do, because this “Throwback Thursday” they hit the world wide web with a newly designed website. Well, maybe not so new… The layout is taking the band back to the days of Myspace.

A quick scroll through their expertly constructed “social network” shows that there’s a little more offered here than just a blast from the past. Look closely enough, and you’ll find a recent blog entry hinting at big news to come. With the proclamation “always on tour” right at the top of the page, only a handful of dates on their schedule, and an ad holding the unexplained  date of November 3rd,  we’re speculating that we’ll be rocking with Silverstein live sooner than we think. For now, however, we’re left to wait… and check out our own Myspace accounts, for old times’ sake.