Punk Rock is Seeping Through on the National Music Lovers Index

By | May 8, 2019 at 6:52 PM

Thank you, Tom DeLonge, for naming that thing we all knew existed but didn’t know what to call it. The National Music Lovers Index, you know, that thing where songs are starting to get noticed and played. They start floating around playlists and being shared on social media. Who knows where the songs land on Billboard charts but the music lovers, we’re listening. Tom made up the term in an appreciative post on Instagram where he thanked fans for Angels and Airwaves almost completely sold-out tour. He expected that fans would be supportive but we all kind of blew his mind by snatching up tickets for the tour as quickly as we did. He showed some love to his former bandmates, blink-182, and let us know AVA would be adding some more shows. Rebel girl, the latest single from the band is out now. The national music lovers index salutes you, Mr. DeLonge.