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'NSYNC Member Debuts Clothing Line

Popular music has a history of influencing fashion, and ‘N Sync’s Chris Kirkpatrick is keeping that synergy alive. Kirkpatrick’s clothing line, FuMan Skeeto, had its runway debut Monday night at Girls Rule, one of the shows of New York Fashion Week, which ends Friday.

FuMan Skeeto was inspired by the vintage-chic styles of New York and one-of-a-kind boutiques in Los Angeles, the 30-year-old singer explained in a statement.

“No matter what is on the young female’s agenda, FuMan Skeeto is her… 24-hour clothing,” Kirkpatrick said. As is the custom for most designers, he came out at the end of the show to take a bow.

The collection features loose velour and French terry tops and jackets, chenille patch jeans and novelty T-shirts, including one with “Available” printed on the front.

Tom Julian, trend analyst for Fallon Worldwide advertising agency, said Kirkpatrick is on the right track, but needs to link his stardom to the label.

“When you look at the logo, you don’t know it’s him and his name,” Julian said. “That might be a conscious decision but to focus more on his face will help sell the line in the competitive zone of music and urban wear.”

Darren Hayes, the voice of Savage Garden, performed during the Girls Rule show, which also featured collections by teen-oriented fashion labels Planet Yumthing, Smashing Grandpa and Dollhouse.