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Nickelback Tackle Domestic Abuse In Clip For 'Never Again'

While they’re not known for stepping up on soapboxes, Nickelback will include incisive commentary about domestic abuse alongside concert footage of the band in their next video, “Never Again.”

Nickelback hope to augment the impact of hard-hitting lyrics – including “He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight/ She must have done something wrong tonight/ The living room becomes a boxing ring” – by filling the screen with captions delivering U.S. domestic violence statistics and slogans about spousal abuse.

Nigel Dick (Britney Spears, Staind), who also lensed the band’s “Too Bad,” will direct the video. In addition to the commentary about violence, the “Never Again” video will include shots from the group’s upcoming “Live in Edmonton” DVD, which was recorded at a show in Alberta, Canada, on January 25.