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Napster Push For Rosenbergs

Napster Inc. has entered into a promotion deal with pop-rock band the Rosenbergs and will sponsor their North American tour, the company said Thursday. In what Napster calls a “bold marketing move that lifts the concept of music sharing from the digital arena and returns it to the streets,” the file-swapping company will finance 10,000 extra copies of the Rosenbergs’ “Mission: You.”

When the album hits stores Feb. 20, the 10,000 CDs will be bundled with the original as a two-for-one sale. Napster’s copy of the album will bear the Napster logo and a message: “Support Napster, share the music … bonus CD to share with a friend.” All of the Rosenbergs’ songs will also eventually be available online via the file-swapping service, Napster said.