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Mandy Moore Says She's 'Boring'

As one of the very young, very blond female singers on the pop charts these days, Mandy Moore has gained a reputation as the most wholesome of the bunch.

Moore, who dresses in jeans and T-shirts, says she’s not trying to send any good-girl messages – she’s just being herself.

“I’m probably the most boring, lame 17-year-old out there,” she told The Associated Press. “I’m not necessarily sending out the message that you shouldn’t dress provocatively.”

Britney Spears, 19, and Christina Aguilera, 20, have been criticized in the media for their sexy wardrobes.

Moore’s third album in two years, “Mandy Moore” (Epic), was released in June. She plays a cheerleader in the new film “The Princess Diaries.”