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Sarah Madden Meme (based on photo illustration by Elizabeth Brockway)

If ever there were a time to start taking artistic shots at corruption in the United States Government it’s now. Youtube channel Concertsaholicshirts4 posted a video from Ben Folds’ live performance at Pier 17 in NYC on August 1 and it’s a fantastic jab at Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader and Head Obstructor, blocks any legislation that would protect the United States elections from interference by other countries, like Russia. He also looks like he’s made of wax and was left in a hot car.

Freedom of Speech is one of the beauties of America. We are a country where when you don’t like what’s happening—YOU DON’T LEAVE or tell someone else to go—you speak up, take action, and change it. For creative types that means songs, paintings, movies, and maybe a few memes.

A message from the Dirty Politicians Rescue / Meme by Sarah Madden