Korn Singer Says New Album About 'Relationships And Hate'

By | September 17, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis told Rolling Stone that the band’s sixth album, Take A Look In The Mirror, is essentially about “relationships and f-kin’ hate.”

Davis says the band, whose last album, Untouchables, sold disappointingly, has “that spark in us again…this is a really aggressive record. More edgy. The last record we were experimenting. This album is back down to the basics and heavy grooves and getting people pumped. You’ll have a lot of screaming on this one.” Take A Look In The Mirror is due out in November.

Take A Look In The Mirror is the first Korn album produced by the band themselves. Davis told Rolling Stone, “It was time for us to do our own [record]. It’s been really great, really kicked back. It’s not like being in the sterile environment of a regular studio. We can kick back, jump in my swimming pool, whatever we want to do.”

Davis also revealed that one new song, “Everything I Know,” is about “fighting with your girl,” while “Right Now” is about “waking up and wanting to kill everybody.”