The ‘Jessica Jones’ S3 Trailer Has Arrived & It is Intense

S3 hits Netflix on June 14th By | June 6, 2019 at 1:30 PM

The full trailer for Jessica Jones season 3 has landed and it packs a serious punch. We get to find out more about the final season’s main Big Bad AKA Gregory Sallinger, a hyper-smart psychopath who wants Jessica (Krysten Ritter) to pay for what she’s done. For all you comic book fans, Gregory Sallinger is known as the “Foolkiller” in the Marvel universe, an ex-convict with more than a few anger issues. Ooh, he looks delightfully evil and we can’t wait to see how Jessica handles his plan (probably with a chaser). Her journey to becoming a hero (do NOT call her that) has been a messy one—she’s made mistakes—and Sallinger thinks it’s high time she paid for them.

Is Jessica up to the task? She may need more help than she realizes—if she can ever reunite and forgive Trish (Rachael Taylor). Trish is on a hero’s journey of her own this season but can the two make things right in time to stop Sallinger? Find out on June 14th, only on Netflix.