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Guy Trades Britney Tix for Cash

A 13-year-old boy decided he’d rather have $475 in cash than see teen pop queen Britney Spears in concert. After twisting off the cap from a bottle of Pepsi, Andrew Benson discovered he had won four tickets to a Spears concert and $200 in spending money. His musical taste runs more to rap artists so the choice wasn’t too difficult.

Andrew called the toll-free number on the cap and traded in the prizes for $475, which he plans to share with his nine brothers and sisters and four cousins.

His mother said she will pitch in another $25, so he can start with an even $500.

Andrew said he felt lucky after he spent $1 on a Pepsi at the school store.

“This might be a winner,” he recalled telling his friends.

There are 4,800 bottle caps offering tickets to Spears’ Summer 2002 Tour concerts, and the odds of winning are 1-in-51,163, according to PepsiCo.