Eve 6 Singer Fined For Nude Escapade

By | June 7, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Max Collins, the lead singer for Eve 6, plead guilty on Tuesday (June 3) in front of a Pittsburgh area district justice, to two counts of disorderly conduct in relation to a recent nude escapade, reported the Associated Press. Collins was forced to pay $400 in fines and $114 in court costs, after plea bargaining down initial charges of indecent exposure, for walking around a hotel with nothing but shaving cream on his genitals.

On the morning of Monday (May 27), police were called to the Crowne Plaza hotel outside of Pittsburgh after getting calls from hotel staff about Collins hanging out nude (save for the shaving cream) in the hotel lobby, elevator and piano lounge.

Collins used the hearing to promote Eve 6’s upcoming album and its next appearance in the Pittsburgh area, July 2. He told the Associated Press, “I promise to keep all my clothes on at our show July 2.”

Eve 6’s new effort It’s All In Your Head is set for release July 22.