Erasure Gets in Shape for U.S. Tour

By | April 25, 2003 at 12:00 AM

It’s been a few years since the British duo Erasure has been on tour in America so Andy Bell and Vince Clarke say that they got in good shape for this one.

Bell tells AP Radio that he chose not to work out before the “Cowboy” tour in 1997 and ended up being exhausted. So he and Clarke hit the gym for a year and half before this latest venture.

They’re also grateful that the venues in this tour will be bigger than earlier tour. Clarke says that the last time they toured America they played clubs. Some, he says, were so small that the stage was a foot off the ground and half the audience was on the stage.

“We’ve grown with the clubs,” Bell says.

Erasure, formed in 1985, has had songs such as “Oh L’amour,” “A Little Respect” and “Chains of Love.”

Their latest album is called, “Other People’s Songs” and is a collection of cover songs.