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Eminem's Hold On Hip-Hop Worries Minister

Rapper Eminem’s success is a sign that whites will take over hip-hop in the same manner they took over jazz and rock and roll, according to an outspoken North Carolina minister. Reverend Paul Scott says he’s worried that the white influence on rap music will weaken the culture. Scott said, “Malcolm X once said that when you have a cup of coffee that is too black and too strong you add cream to make it weak, and the thing that used to wake up now puts you to sleep.”

Scott is calling for a new “black power movement” within the hip-hop community and has launched the National Hip-Hop Reformation Campaign. Scott, a 35-year-old Baptist minister, also heads the Durham, North Carolina-based New Righteous Movement. Scott first made headlines a few years back when he protested the image portrayed in Phat Boy Malt Liquor advertising. Scott also once spoke out against CBS for hiring a white actor to play Jesus.