Efterklang, Tripper – CD Review

By | November 2, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Tripper (Leaf)

There’s no escaping Sigur Ros comparisons for this 10-piece from Copenhagen, who tread the same gauzy dreamscapes as Hopeland’s favourite sons. But a close listen reveals a multitude of differences – Efterklang rely more heavily on glitchy programming and digital rumbles, placing them closer to laptop maestros like Fennesz or Matmos than typical post-rock. The vocals recall Stereolab at times, floating in clear, hymnal verses over and under organs, flutes, strings and all manner of alien noises. The link to Sigur Ros, then, must be located in the two bands’ shared interest in the majesty of sound, and the ability to create something heavenly, emotionally resonant and wonderful.