Donnas Say Life Is Not a 24-Hour Party

By | February 18, 2003 at 12:00 AM

They sing like they party, like rock stars. The Donnas love Taco Bell and go to strip joints, but it’s not a 24-hour party. But, drummer, Donna C says fans don’t really realize that.

She says a lot of times when people meet them they’re like “I’d thought you’d be in leather and be cussing.” Or they’ll ask “why aren’t you drunk and falling over?”

“We’re not one way all the time,” Donna C told AP Radio.

Sometimes the group will draw on their interesting experiences for their music. Donna C says their song ‘Who Invited You’ was inspired by things that happened on their last tour. “We had some run-ins with different bands. A lot of people think it’s one specific band, but it’s actually about two different bands that we kind of had some run-ins with. It’s a true story, definitely a true story,” Donna C told AP Radio.

She says the band’s groupies are alright. “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh so you have groupies, right?” And it’s like, yeah we do, but they’re like 14 or 40,” Donna C told AP Radio. But she says, “Every now and then we get some nice looking 20-something guy, that’s cool.”