Denver Nuggets' Anthony Engaged to MTV Veejay

By | January 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

Denver – Carmelo Anthony finally has some good news about his personal life: He’s engaged to MTV veejay La La Vasquez.

The Denver Nuggets star said Thursday he made his proposal, accompanied by a nine-carat ring, on Christmas Day. They haven’t set a wedding date.

The engagement follows a series of unflattering off-the-court news about Anthony. He was charged with misdemeanor drug possession in October after airport inspectors found marijuana in his backpack. The charge was dropped after a friend said the marijuana was his.

In November, three men were arrested on suspicion of trying to extort $3 million from Anthony with a videotape of a bar fight that broke out after someone spit a drink on Vasquez in New York City in September.

In early December, Anthony popped up on a homemade DVD circulating in Baltimore, his hometown. Someone on the DVD warns that people who tip police about drug deals “get a hole in their head.” Anthony said he had nothing to do with the DVD and condemned the message.