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Aretha Franklin Collaborates On CD

Aretha Franklin is usually the headliner, but the Queen of Soul has agreed to a guest appearance on a live recording by Detroit-born saxophonist James Carter.

Franklin’s participation is expected to give the recording a pop-culture glitter that could introduce Detroit jazz to a broader audience.

“It’s an homage to what happens live when I’m in Detroit,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “I want to let folks know this is where I come from and that there’s still the jazz spirit here.”

Carter, 32, said Wednesday he had not yet ironed out details with Franklin, but the singer had left a message on his answering machine saying “she was looking at doing something up-tempo, maybe ‘Cherokee.”‘

The Atlantic Records recording session, scheduled June 14-16 at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, is expected to bring together local jazz artists with internationally known saxophonists Johnny Griffin, David Murray and Franz Jackson.

Franklin and Carter met last year at a benefit concert in Detroit. She invited him to play at her Christmas party and to participate in her “Divas Live” concert on VH1.