idobi’s SXSW Most Wanted: Sorority Noise

By | March 15, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Most Wanted for: Exquisite songwriting that rivals even Walt Whitman.

Sorority Noise strikes the perfect balance with their delivery of quasi-poetic lyrics–from crooning vocals, that could soothe you to sleep, one minute to bold declarations you find yourself chanting along to, the next. While they sound reminiscent of classic angsty 90s pop punk (Weezer, anyone?), they take on a more roundabout way of songwriting, with liberal use of metaphors mixed in with sighing guitar riffs that build and build to a soaring peak before dropping off–as if they themselves were indulging in a grandiose dream before abruptly snapping back to reality. If you’re looking for a band at SXSW that you can rock out to and who have gorgeous lyrics that will haunt you for days to come, look no further: Sorority Noise is here.

Catch their SXSW set:
  • March 16th from 1:00-1:40am at Javelina