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Rise Rock n’ Shine: Talk Time + Athena

August 28, 2018 | By Emillie Marvel

The birds are chirping and the music is playing. Bid farewell to your pillows, toss your comforter aside, it’s time to Rise Rock n’ Shine… Who: California indie-pop music makers Talk Time. What: “Desperate Weather” sounds like watching the rain fall outside while you reflect on life. Why: The clouds are about to get dark and the […]


Rise Rock n’ Shine: Maggie Schneider + Sofya Wang

August 23, 2018 | By Emillie Marvel

Smashing snooze? Stop it. It’s time to Rise Rock n’ Shine… Who: Maggie Schneider loves to steal our hearts with her sweet honest tunes. What:  Remember when PlugInStereo released “Oh Darling”? “Pretend” is like that, only even cuter. Why: Maggie’s latest track is downright adorable and takes you back to your first date. (Plus did we […]