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Editorial News

Fiddler Records Retrospective

December 17, 2014 | By Danielle DeSisto

Sixteen-year-old Amy Fleisher Madden accomplished what many kids only dream of: she started her own independent record label. We take a look back on the importance of Fiddler Records, and the power behind it.

Interviews News

Interview: Amy Fleisher Madden

December 15, 2014 | By Emillie Marvel

…we stole a minute of Fleisher Madden’s time to chat about what’s went into her remarkable career, her new label Animal Manufacturing Co. and the real story behind resident tour pet, Orangecat.


Animal Manufactoring Co. “re-release” four Crimson + Clover tracks

November 18, 2014 | By Emillie Marvel

Animal Manufacturing Co.’s Youtube channel has recently “re-released” four tracks from Crimson + Clover’s 1999 EP. The band is the focal point of company owner Amy Fleisher Madden’s upcoming book A Million Miles.