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“Battles Lost and Won” – Season 3 finale
Mon June 18 – 8PM
On The CW

[imgfull] [/imgfull]
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC.

It’s the showdown you’ve all been waiting for on Supergirl: Kara (Melissa Benoist) and her team vs. Serena (Anjali Jay)...and we find out where Reign (Odette Annable) will fall into this equation? Y’all, we’ve done the math and the season finale is looking more complicated than any class we ever took.

Tune into The CW every Monday for all new Supergirl.


From The CW:
Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and team take on Serena in an epic battle for Earth.


“The Scarlet Letter” - Season 2, Episode 3
8PM - Tues June 19
On Freeform


Photo: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Watching The Bold Type is like hanging out with your best girlfriends—only their drama is way more fun. Jane (Katie Stevens) is jobless and doesn’t know what to do with herself—besides drink tequila in the mornings, oh, and set up a meeting with Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) nets. Sutton has an accessories shoot for Oliver and Kat guilts her into hiring Adena (Nikohl Boosheri)—ooh honey, love and work don’t always mix and sometimes when the do they go BOOM. So basically, grab a glass of Patron and the comfiest seat in the house because chaos is sure to ensue.

The Bold Type airs tomorrow on Freeform.


From Freeform:
Sutton is in an awkward position when she is put in charge of hiring a photographer for an accessories shoot and Kat asks her to hire Adena. Jane follows around a cute and altruistic doctor named Ben for her latest article. Scarlet’s newest board member Cleo causes Jacqueline to defend her role at the magazine.



“Fallen World” – Season 3, Episode 11
Wed June 20 – 9PM
On Syfy

[imgfull] [/imgfull]
Photo by: Rafy/Syfy

Only two weeks of The Expanse season 3 are left and things are getting intense. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around last week’s episode—we got to see Holden (Steven Strait) backed into a corner and hot damn, no wonder he’s gone off the deep end... We’re on the edge of the edge of our seats as we watch the crew try to survive everything that’s being thrown at them and man, our nerves might be too high to even enjoy our popcorn (MIGHT be*).

The Expanse airs on Syfy every Wednesday night.


From NBC:
Drummer and Ashford find themselves trapped with few options for survival. Anna tends to the wounded masses as Melba continues to hunt down her prey. The Rocinante crew struggle to survive as Naomi reunites with her true family.



“Blue is the Coldest Color” – Season 1, Episode 3
Wed June 20 – 10PM

[imgfull] [/imgfull]
Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC

Things aren’t adding up for Mara (Sarah Shahi) in this week’s episode of Reverie. Virtual reality got its name for a reason and nothing is what it seems. Those side effects the show has slowly feed us are slowly pulling together like the strands of a spaced out dream. Mara’s in deeper than she can imagine and when those side effects take the form of Alexis’s (Jessica Lu) former partner Oliver Hill (John Fletcher) the show has us guessing even more than usual. Is this guy for real? If so, what else has Mara been left in the dark about? And why all the secrets anyways? Wednesday, come quick!

Reverie airs on NBC this Wednesday.


From NBC:
Alexis’s (Jessica Lu) former partner Oliver Hill (guest star John Fletcher) resurfaces and warns Mara (Sarah Shahi) that Reverie 2.0 has some dangerous side effects. Back at Onira-Tech, a BCI is stolen and Mara must go into a rogue Reverie.



Season 2
Fri June 22
On Netflix

[imgfull] [/imgfull]
Photo: David Lee/Netflix

"This season [of Marvel’s Luke Cage] is crafted beautifully, interweaving music, history, politics, and Pan-Africanism with liberal dabs of real life black-American heroes, and the Harlem Renaissance. One of the joys of this season is the leading character: HARLEM. While dealing with internal conflicts, and adding some comic relief, Cheo Hodari Coker anchors the story in Harlem—it couldn’t be told anywhere else. The feel of the city is tactile and grounded in a sense of purpose. It drives the story and our characters, adding more depth, to leave you breathless." (read our full S2 [p]Review here) Tune into Geek Girl Riot's interview with Coker tomorrow night and binge the entire season on Friday!


From Netflix:
After a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City. But he is soon pulled out of the shadows and must fight a battle for the heart of his city – forcing him to confront a past he had tried to bury.



Netflix film
Fri June 22
On Netflix


Photo: Mark Wu/Netflix

Fate is a wonderful thing, folks, and so are Netflix originals. Their new film Us & Them takes us through ten years of a relationshipups, downs, breakups, and reuniting included. You can taste the bittersweet candor with every glance, every chance meeting, in every note of the piano-led soundtrack. Rather than your typical Hollywood romance Us & Them is love in all its forms, from beginning to end, which in itself captures that warm and fuzzy sentiment of how real relationships play out.

You can stream Us & Them on Netflix from this Friday.


From Netflix:
10 years ago, during the hectic chunyun period, 2 strangers traveling home meet on the train, what follows is a journey of realizing their dreams, love, breakups. 10 years later, these not so strangers were reunited on a plane. Starring Jing Boran (Lin Jianqing) and Zhou Dongyu (Fang Xiaoxiao), and from award-winning actress and first time director, René Liu, Us & Them launches on the service June 22.



“The Fever” - Season 1, Episode 4
Sunday June 24 - 9PM

[imgfull] [/imgfull]
Photo: FX

We’re only four episodes into FX’s Pose, but we’re already so hooked on the glamor and tribulation of 1980’s New York. This week insecurities and medical problems arise, and the tension is skyrocketing. We can never guess what’s around the corner for our Queens and Kings of the balls in 80s NYC, but we do know it’ll be a celebration of loving ourselves.

Get into Pose on FX every Sunday.


From TV Guide:
Candy's insecurities about her appearance are heightened when she is criticized at a ball. Meanwhile, Blanca worries when Damon and Ricky have a medical scare that threatens to tear them apart.



“Russian Navy” – Season 2, Episode 3
Sun Jun 24 – 9PM

Claws returns to TNT this Sunday.

[youtube] [/youtube]

From TV Guide:
Desna's relationship with Ruval deepens when he introduces her to his mother, Matilde. Polly grows concerned when Marnie continues to pull away from her.



“The Passenger” – Season 2, Episode 10
Sun Jun 17 – 9PM

Dive into Westworld every Sunday on HBO.

[youtube] [/youtube]



“Angelville” – Season 3 premiere
Sun Jun 24 – 10PM

[imgfull] [/imgfull]
Photo: AMC

Preacher is back and our intrepid crew are headed to Angelville. Comics fans, y’all know what’s upfor the rest of you, this means a family reunion. If you ever thought your relatives were bad, Jesse’s (Dominic Cooper) are ten times worse...and then triple it. Just when you think Preacher can’t get any more ridiculous it ups the ante and introduces homicidal, slightly magical (read: witchy) Gran’ma who has the ability to resurrect people...among other things. Um, yeah. This is an out of the frying pan into the fire moment for Jesse. And of course Tulip is going to have to straighten it out. We’re joining Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) in lighting up a cigarette from the flames because this is one spectacular Greek tragedy deep in the heart of Louisiana. Come get your consomme! (...or maybe don’t...we’re gonna go with don’t.)

Preacher returns for season 3 this Sunday on AMC.


From AMC:
In an effort to save Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy take her to Jesse's family home, Angelville. Jesse reunites with the people he fears most: his family.



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First Listen: IYVES’ ‘Chromatic’ EP is a Spacey Metamorphosis Mon, 18 Jun 2018 10:00:31 +0000 Tom Have you heard IYVES' Chromatic EP yet? [/imgfull]

Have you heard IYVES' Chromatic EP yet? The spacey indie pop collection sounds like a magnificent transformation because that's exactly what it's about. Check it out below!


"Chromatic is a body of work I wrote alongside REFS (Zach Lipkins). I wrote this material over a time of heart ache and despair which lead into a period of new found strength and relationship with myself. This EP sort of feels like a metamorphosis for me. [It] is truly meant to be listened to in the order it is placed so you can follow my experience and emotional evolution.

First track off the EP ‘Pressure’ is the breaking point, questioning if my relationship will go on. ‘Made to Last’ is one of the more vulnerable tracks on the EP for me. I recorded this track with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I was in deep solitude and fear of going through life without my person by my side. The EP picks up as you listen on through the tracks. 'Chromatic', the title track, was written in a moment of stillness, reflection and a sense of newness. Arriving at the final track ‘Not Afraid to Fall’ , my anthem track that I wrote months after my breakup. It was my statement that I have moved on, have moved forward with strength, I’m ready to take on whatever might come my way."


Find Iyves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Don Broco Released a Cinematic Music Video for “Greatness” and It’s, Well, Great Fri, 15 Jun 2018 10:30:51 +0000 Tom Don Broco dropped a video for their latest single, "Greatness", earlier this week and... Credit: Don Broco


Don Broco dropped a video for their latest single, "Greatness", earlier this week and it's pretty great.

The last time we saw the Bedford boys in the video for "Come Out to LA" they were taking Hollywood by storm and singer Rob Damiani was a half-robot/half-corpse hybrid. "Greatness" picks up the story ten years later: It's 2028, Hollywood is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and robot-Rob is back from the undead. The other band members have turned on him and he's led to an arena to fight for a Game of Thrones-esque chair. Hilarity—and bloodshed—ensue. By the end of it, you're not sure who's who in an homage to the "Pretty" video. But we do get a little bit of closure on the "cowboy" story line that has run through all their videos from the Technology era.

It's dramatic and bloody but also so much fun. "Greatness" feels more like a mini film than a music video and it's worth the watch. Check it out below and we'll see you on the other end of an epic dance battle.



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Fresh Pressed [new music friday] – 064 Fri, 15 Jun 2018 10:00:47 +0000 Tom What better way to kick off a weekend than with new music? Featuring new... [/imgfull]

What better way to kick off a weekend than with new music? Fridays are always chock full of the latest songs and albums ready to be the soundtrack to everyone’s antics, and here you’ll find some of the week’s standout releases. Whether you’re ready to spin an anticipated song from a favorite artist or just taking a look at what’s out there, there’s a whole lot of tunes to dive right into. Who knows—maybe you’ll find your next obsession.

State Champs - Living Proof

State Champs didn’t just write the soundtrack of the summer—they wrote the soundtrack to living without a care in the world. The band’s new album, Living Proof, is the poster child for all things pop-punk: John Feldmann production? Check. Co-writing by Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth? Check. It’s all here and it’s wrapped in an immensely addictive package that deserves a spot in anyone’s rotation.

All Time Low - “Everything Is Fine”

Everything is fine, and it’s all because of new All Time Low music. The guys just unveiled a brand new song despite releasing an album only a year ago, but the complaints are non-existent here. “Everything Is Fine” captures the maturity of Last Young Renegade while combining it with the tenacity of older material from records like Dirty Work (sorry, Dirty Work is considered old and so are you) and the result is something that’ll appease fans regardless of when they became listeners. It may just be a one-off single to promote their new tour. But any new ATL is good ATL.

With Confidence - “That Something”

Somebody arrest Hopeless Records ’cause they’re killing the game. Having just signed UK group WSTR, Hopeless’ roster is basically the Golden State Warriors of music. With Confidence isn’t the flashiest band around, so they get straight to the point with their new single “That Something.” Off their upcoming album Love and Loathing, the trio hone their pop-punk prowess in this irresistible tune.

Mayday Parade - Sunnyland

Like leftover McDonald’s french fries, Mayday Parade just gets better with age. There’s no doubt that their debut full-length, A Lesson In Romantics, is a certified genre classic but what they’ve managed to accomplish since then is really something impressive. They continue to up the ante on Sunnyland, an incredibly personal record and one that doesn’t sound disjointed despite the fact they worked with multiple producers for the first time in their careers. Nothing is an obstacle for Mayday Parade—and they’ve been proving it for the last decade.

The Gaslight Anthem
- The ’59 Sound Sessions

Three years have passed since The Gaslight Anthem decided they were going to take a break but that all changes now with their reunion and upcoming tour to celebrate the classic The ’59 Sound. To honor such a great record it’s only right that they do it in style: The ’59 Sound Sessions features nine tracks of previously unreleased material. You’ll find some demos, covers, and even some b-sides. The bad part? You’ll still have to wait for them to put out a brand new record someday.

5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

It’s funny to think about how not too long ago 5 Seconds of Summer were on tour with One Direction. But similarly to their boy band pals 5SOS have evolved, too. They’re no longer “1D with guitars,” they’re their own stars with guitars—and their re-invention on the new LP Youngblood tells the tale. Featuring dance floor anthem “Talk Fast” and the emphatic closer “Ghost of You”, 5SOS has created their magnum opus...but the best is still yet to come.

Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic

Everybody grieves in different ways—the way Mike Shinoda dealt with losing his band mate and one of his closest friends was by laying it all out on the line in an album. The Linkin Park member opted to forgo his Fort Minor moniker and go with his regular name for this record and it’s obvious why: These tracks bleed honesty and emotion as Shinoda tries to convey his feelings after losing Linkin Park bandmate Chester Bennington last year. Stacked with guest features, hip-hop and electronic elements, Post Traumatic opens a new chapter for Shinoda—one in which he hopefully finds a way to cope.

DNCE - People to People

Whether it’s an album, a single, or an EP, DNCE throws everything they’ve got at anything they release. The four song People to People EP is short but sweet and it pretty much encapsulates all you’d want from summer songs. From the funky “TV in the Morning” to the massively catchy “Still Good”, these four songs are all you need to realize DNCE are sounding better than ever.

Betty Who - Betty, Pt. 1

Despite only releasing an album a year ago, Betty Who churns out a brand new EP that proves a lot can change in a small amount of time. After leaving her record label and becoming an independent artist, Betty exerts her creative vision in these pop songs like we’ve never seen from her before. “Just Thought You Should Know” sends listeners back to the 80’s, while the standout and closer “Friend Like Me” makes us glad we’ve got a musician like Betty.

Death Cab for Cutie - “Gold Rush”

Indie rock veterans Death Cab for Cutie are gearing up to drop their ninth full-length in August and “Gold Rush” is the first reason why everyone should be excited for Thank You For Today. Sampling Yoko Ono’s “Mindtrain”, Death Cab’s carefree single is one of the best and most fun tracks we’ve heard from the band in a while. Considering the LP is only packing ten songs it’s safe to say there won’t be room for filler on this one.

Other new releases:
The Maine - “Saving Grace (Acoustic)”
Nekokat - Pleasure Beach (read our review)
CHVRCHES - “Stay - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC”
Gorillaz - “Fire Flies”
The Killers - Live from the Royal Albert Hall
Young the Giant - “Simplify”
Troye Sivan - “Dance To This (feat. Ariana Grande)”
Kygo & Imagine Dragons - “Born to Be Yours”
Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else (Versions)
Grandson - A Modern Tragedy, Vol. 1
Kodaline - “Shed A Tear”
Chromeo - Head Over Heels / “Don’t Sleep (feat. French Montana)”
Chromatics - “Blue Girl”
Christina Aguilera - Liberation
Nicki Minaj (feat. Ariana Grande) - “Bed”
2 Chainz - “Bigger Than You” (feat. Drake & Quavo)
Jason Mraz - “Unlonely”
Dan + Shay - “Keeping Score (feat. Kelly Clarkson)”
Bebe Rexha - “I’m a Mess”
Marshmello - “Check This Out”
Alessia Cara - “Growing Pains”
Martin Garrix - "Ocean" (feat. Khalid)
Rudimental, Major Lazer - “Let Me Live (feat. Anne Marie, Mr Eazi)”
David Guetta, Showtek - “Your Love”
GoldLink, Miguel - “Got Friends”
Mura Masa, Octavian - “Move Me”
Nao - “Another Lifetime”
Macy Gray - “Sugar Daddy”
Maxwell - “We Never Saw It Coming”
Chaka Khan - Like Sugar EP / “Like Sugar - Switch Remix”
Aly & AJ - “Good Thing”
Anarbor - "MIA"


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First Listen: Wanna Jam The Ones You Forgot’s New Single All Weekend? We’re “One Step Ahead” of You Thu, 14 Jun 2018 10:00:20 +0000 Tom We're throwing a pop punk party with The Ones You Forgot's new single. [/imgfull]

We're throwing a pop punk party with The Ones You Forgot's new single. The track, titled "One Step Ahead", is streaming below but before you hit play beware: It's a complete j-a-m.


"'One Step Ahead' is about coming to the realization that a person in your life is toxic. Unfortunately letting go of said person is often a battle because it is usually someone you care deeply about, even if they continue to hurt you. I like to think of this song as an anthem for sticking up for yourself and learning that sometimes it's just better to let people go even if it's tough.

In some way, shape, or form, each song on the EP tells a story of something I was LITERALLY too afraid to say whether that be to a loved one, someone who hurt me, or even to myself. Even though I wrote the lyrics myself this collection of songs has taught me that fear is a very normal feeling and that we all battle it in different ways.”

- The Ones You Forgot

Find The Ones You Forgot on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

[youtube] [/youtube]


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Pour Some Champagne! Panic! At The Disco Announces Second Leg of Pray For The Wicked Tour Wed, 13 Jun 2018 18:33:21 +0000 Tom We're ready to Pray For The Wicked during Panic! At The Disco's upcoming tour.... [/imgfull]

We're ready to Pray For The Wicked during Panic! At The Disco's upcoming tour. If the energetic show wasn't already hitting your town, you're in luck: Panic! has just announced a second leg.

Kicking off in January of 2019, the new dates include stops in Buffalo, NY, Grand Rapids, MI, and more. This adds to an extensive list of international shows that'll rock their way through North America, Australia, Japan, and beyond.

Find the second leg dates below and pick up tickets on June 22nd. Until then, join us in stocking up on glitter (we're gonna need a lot of it).



  • 1/10 – Buffalo, NY @ KeyBank Center

  • 1/12 – Laval, QC @ Place Bell

  • 1/13 – Manchester, NH @ SNHU Arena

  • 1/15 – Albany, NY @ Times Union Center

  • 1/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center

  • 1/18 – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center

  • 1/19 – Providence, RI @ Dunkin’ Donuts Center

  • 1/20 – Washington, D.C. @ Capital One Arena

  • 1/22 – Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center

  • 1/23 – Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Johns Arena

  • 1/25 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena

  • 1/26 – Cincinnati, OH @ U.S. Bank Arena

  • 1/27 – Milwaukee, WI @ Wisconsin Entertainment Center

  • 1/29 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Van Andel Arena

  • 1/30 – Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena

  • 2/01 – Omaha, NE @ CenturyLink Center

  • 2/02 – Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center

  • 2/04 – Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena

  • 2/05 – Saint Louis, MO @ Enterprise Center

  • 2/06 – Memphis, TN @ FedExForum

  • 2/08 – Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center

  • 2/09 – New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center

  • 2/12 – Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Coliseum

  • 2/14 – Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center

  • 2/15 – Inglewood, CA @ The Forum

  • 2/16 – San Diego, CA @ Valley View Casino Center

  • 2/19 – Oakland, CA @ ORACLE Arena

  • 2/20 – Sacramento, CA @ Golden1 Center


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Ready for Your First Look at ‘Wonder Woman 1984’? Trick Question, Nobody Is Because Steve Trevor is BACK Wed, 13 Jun 2018 11:30:21 +0000 Tom Wonder Woman is heading back to the big screen! [/imgfull]

Wonder Woman is heading back to the big screen! If you loved Gal Gadot's first voyage in superhero-ness, get ready for another round in Wonder Woman 1984. This time, WW will be facing a new kind of foe: Kristen Wiig (otherwise known as The Cheetah) and there are a whole lotta surprises in store judging from the first photos released.

Production has begun on the Patty Jenkins-directed film, which plans to premiere on November 1st, 2019 via Warner Brothers. Until then, we’ll be wielding our lassos and counting down the days. See some first look photos below...which features the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine)...wait, what? Um, yeah, we NEED answers. Stay tuned for more details!



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A 5th Grader Stands Up To Bullying Wed, 13 Jun 2018 02:58:53 +0000 Tom Nobody should have to feel like 5th grader Delanie Marcotte does. Listen.  I’ll be...
Listen.  I'll be the first admit; life isn't easy... and middle school / high school and even college can be the hardest times of our lives.  Socially - are you kidding me?  Like come on.  We all FREAKED out those first couple weeks of high school.  I remember my parents making me go to as many different pre-events as possible, just so when I went to high school I knew at least some people when I showed up and walked the hallways.  Having at least someone to nod to or high five in the hallway meant THAT much more.

The constant internal battle between being, "Too Smart," or in honors classes vs being considered one of the cool kids and being invited to certain parties?  It happens.  We all know it does.  Just think back.  Straight up, it happened and does happen.

(Personal story - I crushed it in soccer my whole life.  I was small, fast as F and scored so many goals throughout middle school on my soccer team.  F Yeah!  Ballin baby.
Legit.  The FIRST day of the high school pre-camp soccer workout.  AKA... what the camp would do is have teams come together a few weeks before school started and be able to practice / train with each other and familiarize ourselves with our future teammates.

What did one of my teammates say to me?  (We'll just call him Tim.)
... (Tim is his real name by the way.  woopz)

He goes to me after a few hours of Day 1 of 5 of this soccer camp - he comes up to me and says, "I hope soccer isn't your best sport."      Like great dude.  Thanks for f'n ruining my dream or at least a path I thought I could take in high school.  Like who says that?  A bully does.   (BTW.  I used it as determination to become better.  I scored a ton of goals and with that said teammate, we became the First ever County Champions 4 years later - our Senior year, for the high school.  ballin.)

But yes, shit happens.  Kids will make fun of other kids and believe me - that's why I turned to music as an outlet as did so many of you reading this right now.

I don't believe in "Participation awards," I don't think every f'n kid or athlete should get a trophy or a ribbon for just showing up.  F that.  Absolutely not.  Life teaches competition, and the determination to RISE and BE ABOVE any of your doubters or shit talkers or people that put you down.  Life isn't fair.  Shit usually works out better for the scumbags on Earth in the short term and guess what?  Karma will eventually happen.  The richest of the rich are still alone - most likely spending their lives and time with people that don't truly care about them and in the end, they all feel empty.


This girl.. this 5th grader.  Think about it.  5th Grade.  WTF were we doing in 5th Grade?  I'm pretty sure I was just enjoying life.  Maybe mad at some stuff like having to do a school project or dress up as some famous historic figure or some shit - but really I was just focusing on getting my homework done so I could play little league or Sega / Nintendo 64.  Those were probably my only worries and I'm sure many of yours as well.

Look at this video.  This is so f'n sad and disheartening.  I feel absolutely terrible for this girl.
Why?  Because she's not doing it for attention.  She's from some bumblefuck town none of us have ever heard of in New Hampshire.  And she legit hates going to school for fear of being bullied.
That . Is.  Fucked.  Up.




Nobody should ever feel that way.

Now, the next comment I'm sure some people will say is that "Oh, she should just deal with it and grow up."

My response would be everything I Just wrote above.  Yes.  I'm not one to cater to kids or teenagers or anything or anyone in life unless warranted.  Hence, no f'n trophy's or awards just for showing up.   I came in last place or was picked last in class and for gym class sports PLENTY of times.  and guess what?  I f'n came back and DOMINATED.  I'm mother f'n GUNZ yo!

Michael Jordan?  Yeah you may have heard of him.  Cut from his freshman high school basketball team.  ENOUGH.  SAID.

But.  If this 5th grader.  Delanie Marcotte is THIS UPSET about going to SCHOOL on a DAY TO DAY BASIS.  Then shit needs to be done.

I applaud, respect, and commend her and her bravery.

Just to reiterate, according to her statement and reports - Her parents went to the principal and school in the past and said bullying was happening.  AND THE SCHOOL DID NOTHING.


AND THE PRINCIPAL DIDN'T DO ANYTHING?   Like WTF.  seriously.  W T F.  The Principal and the Superintendent need to answer about this immediately.  If there are documented complaints to them or concerns from Delanie and the family about bullying, then somebody needs to be held accountable.

Oh.  And one more thing.

Listen to what she says again around the 0:38 mark:





Holy F.    Are you kidding me?   Like this is so freaking absurd that when I heard this story I needed to post it for more to see here.   Like.  THIS is exactly the problem.
HEY MA.  Guess what.  If your son is bullying and threatening someone else.  Maybe YOU should have a talk with THEM and not confront the victim after school.   Like.  What in the absolutely fuck.   (EDIT:  I thought I would come back and edit the F word out.  But I don't care.  I legit can't believe a mother would do that to someone.  So, they deserve the F word)

The Final Thing that really gets me as I mentioned earlier, is that according to the parents they went and said something.  and NOTHING was done.

The parents, the child, did EXACTLY what they should have done.  And guess what?  NOTHING was done about it from the principal or school administrators.

Some (Very few)  may call what she did a publicity stunt.  Look at this video once again and her post TV interviews afterwords.  I truly believe she is sincere in this.  It's a god damn 5th grader for crying out loud.

Now the Superintendent of the school district - Timberlane Regional School District Superintendent Earl F. Metzler...   issued a statement.

Before I post the statement.  I'll say that this guy needs to get his shit together because wtf if this is the district you are running and you have students threatening to kill other students as Delanie said happened to her.    WTF kind of principal or administrators are you employing, Mr. Metzler?

Any way.  Here was his (bullshit) statement, from NBC Boston:

"We will continue to encourage all students to speak up when they see, hear or experience something that makes them uncomfortable," he said. "The same holds true for parents and community members. There are many vehicles at Timberlane to share your concerns including, but not limited to, the public comment portion of our School Board agenda."

Metzler added that the district takes everyone's concerns seriously, and said Delanie’s reports of bullying now have the district’s “undivided attention."

NEWSFLASH.  According to Delanie's parents.  They went to the school and said something.  And it was REPEATED, CONSISTENT BULLYING AND THREATENING OF ANOTHER STUDENT'S LIFE.  AND WHAT DID YOU DO METZLER?   Issue this $20 an hour lawyer issued statement?  Literally.  Absolute bullshit - because you didn't and your district didn't do anything about Delanie's previous concerns.

I'm just pretty upset about the whole situation.  I grew up being made fun of and life wasn't always easy - as many of you reading this, did as well.  And people can't be snowflakes or expect shit to always work out.  But here is a CLEAR example of a vulnerable child being upset and hurt because of Administrator's and the Principal not doing their f'n job.

And that, to me - and I think many of you, is just wrong.

When real life, threatening, bullying situations are straight up presented to the people in charge, they need to investigate and act.  Like I said, I highly doubt this was just a one and done complaint.

Props for Delanie Marcotte for showing up to a freaking school board meeting.  Something that 99.8% of you reading have NEVER Done.  And she did so because it was her last resort to beg for some sort of change to be done.

we could learn a lot from her bravery.



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“Everything is Fine” Because All Time Low Dropped a New Song Wed, 13 Jun 2018 00:05:36 +0000 Tom Everything is Fine…because All Time Low have released a new song! [/imgfull]

Everything is Fine…because All Time Low have released a new song! Yeah, we’ll wait ’til you’re done screaming. After enough teasing on social media to make all us fans lose our minds, “Everything is Fine” is finally here and it's worth every second spent obsessing. One listen in and you can already imagine the crowd singing every word at shows (how glorious is that gonna be?).

“Everything is Fine” puts the pop back in pop punk to certify this as another huge ATL anthem. This is a fantastic follow up to 2017’s Last Young Renegade and it hopefully means we’re getting even more new music real soon! ’Til then, hit play on this summer jam and throw your middle fingers up in the air, 'cause "Everything is fine and nothing matters anyway / If I don't care…"


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The Final ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’ Trailer is Bowing Down to Harlem’s Queen Tue, 12 Jun 2018 11:30:56 +0000 Tom Marvel’s Luke Cage might be named after its superhero, but today we are all about... [/imgfull]
Photo: Netflix

"You don't need to be bulletproof to be a superhero. Black women have always had superpowers; turning pain into progress. Harlem doesn't need a hero,
it needs a Queen." - Mariah Dillard

Marvel’s Luke Cage might be named after its superhero but today we are all about Harlem's queen, Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard). Season 2 is about to hit Netflix on June 22nd and this final trailer is going to get you more than ready. Our formidable lady is faced with an unstoppable opponent this season: Bushmaster (Mustafa Shakir), a new and bulletproof threat to all of Harlem.

Mariah is one of the most intriguing characters on Luke Cage and this preview proves why—she handles foes, family, and Harlem's future in her own damn way. Ready or not, here she comes...hit play on the final Luke Cage trailer below and start counting down 'til season 2 on June 22nd.


From Netflix:
After clearing his name, Luke Cage has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem with a reputation as bulletproof as his skin. But being so visible has only increased his need to protect the community and find the limits of who he can and can’t save. With the rise of a formidable new foe, Luke is forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain.


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