First Listen: “Get Away” with The New Pacific’s Latest Song

By | April 26, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Emo rock makes our little black hearts soar and The New Pacific has a new song that’s got us preparing for flight. Check out “Get Away” for the first time below.

“‘Get Away’ is the first track in a brand new set of songs we’re really excited to be releasing out into the wild. We’ve been really focused tearing into these songs and ‘Get Away’ is a heavy melodic stab at the way the world is unfolding right now.

It feels like while logic and reason is spinning out of control faster and faster by the day, it’s also coming undone in a kind of slow motion that’s impossible to escape. Whether its the world news, the music community or the person in the mirror, we’re all moving towards an uncertain reality and sometimes the only true way out is in.”

– Alec Strickland, vocalist/guitarist for The New Pacific

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