Premiere: Hear “Frayed” By Living Room Exclusively on

By | April 21, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Like an impressionist painting in a Living Room, “Frayed” is busy and precise all in one, fulfilling the desire for calm within chaos and delivering killer post-hardcore sounds. Today, Brooklyn’s Living Room is premiering the song exclusively with

After quietly debuting in 2012, the band has been perfecting their craft with emotions that are larger than life and attention to detail while writing. If you wanna hear what the act is about, look no further than “Frayed”, streaming below!

“I wrote this song over the course of a few months so each verse, although about the same idea, is coming from a pretty different perspective. In the beginning, I’m hopeful in trying to mend a damaged personal situation, only to come to terms with a reoccurring pattern or personal curse of sorts. Ultimately, it’s about our own unique setbacks and our connection with the outside/inside world.” – Johnny Nicholls