Greg Berlanti

LOVE, SIMON is a heartfelt teenage love story that’s done with keeping its story “straight”.


Tomb Raider (2018)

Roar Uthaug

This time around, much like the game it’s based on, the latest movie is an origin story, showing us how Lara became the badass she’s known to be.


A Wrinkle in Time

Ava DuVernay

Two kids, with the help of three mystical guides (and a friend from school), travel through time and space on a cosmic adventure to rescue their scientist father from an evil entity that is infecting our world.



Cory Finley

Thoroughbreds is beautifully shot and our reigning scream queens Cooke and Taylor-Joy are perfectly cast. If you’re lucky, you’ll see more of yourself than you’re willing to admit.



Nash Edgerton

Good guy gets into a bad situation in between a Mexican drug lord, big pharma, and the DEA. Can he get out?


Death Wish

Eli Roth

A one-dimensional movie with watchable characters and awkward character interactions—murderporn has a new name, sadly for Eli Roth it’s not his.


LOVE Season 3

Michael Showalter, Judd Apatow, Ali Karpovsky, Janicza Bravo, Ryan McFaul, Michael Lewen, Lynn Shelton, Nisha Ganatra

Our favorite fuckups are back for one last hurrah and things are looking…surprisingly settled (and it’s actually kinda sweet).


Game Night

John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein

If you took The Game and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, mashed it up with the game adaptation Clue you have Game Night.