Life/Death/Rebirth EP

Awake At Last

Awake At Last takes us on a hell of journey resulting in their theatrical concept album.


Coast Modern

Coast Modern

Coast Modern brings the sound of summer to our headphones, no matter what the weather’s like outside.


Last Young Renegade

All Time Low

With the release of Last Young Renegade we are finally able to map the journey this band has been on for the past two years.



Civil Youth

‘Conversations’ is here now, and the band is still on their way to finding themselves.



Auction For the Promise Club

If “grunge-pop” is a genre, that’s what you could call Auction For the Promise Club’s debut full-length, Silence.


Electric Love EP

Serena Ryder

When the world seems to be going backwards, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s EP Electric Love is the new battle cry to keep us marching forward.


After Laughter


Take off those rose-colored glasses that proclaim 2007 was the best ever and wave goodbye to the past, because 2017 ain’t so bad when you’ve got an album like this.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ debut album is a vulnerable modern narrative contrasted by sounds of the 70s / 80s, ranging from sensual soft to full glam.


Haze EP

The King’s Parade

In just four tracks the ‘Haze’ EP creates a whole new world to escape into—so shut your eyes, turn your speakers up, and let The King’s Parade take you away.



Lilac Lungs

Eventide was created as a safe space for listeners, and contains a whole plethora of emotions and explorations of good, bad, and the in between—sometimes all in the same evocative indie track.