The Upswing

Mime Game

Mime Game, the new project of Josephine Collective’s Dillon DeVoe, has just repainted the picture of pop rock, and added in some pretty spectacular highlights.


The Heights

Knox Hamilton

Knox Hamilton haven’t invented the wheel with their debut release, but they’ve made it fly. Not a moment on the album feels rushed, unclear, or unorganized. It’s the quality of work that sets Knox apart from the crowd.


Stay Right Where You Are

Such A Mess

Such A Mess’ new EP ‘Stay Right Where You Are’ stays true to their DIY ethos while giving them the freedom to explore darker sounds and subjects.


I Still Hate You EP

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is like your favorite comfort food: reliable and enjoyable and just what you need on a dreary winter day.



Figure Eight

In a world of disarray and a political system that’s surely failing us, the first thing this world needs is soul-saving punk rock.


Frat Party

Thomas Nicholas Band

Fish From Gone Fishkin gave you his review of Thomas Nicholas Band’s new album ‘Frat Party’ which comes out February 3rd!



As It Is

Following their 2015 debut, Never Happy, Ever After, I initially thought that As It Is might have a tough time with their sophomore release to rival it. But boy, I was proved wrong with okay.


Night People

You Me At Six

You Me At Six explore a fresh sound on their latest album, Night People.


Facade EP

Dire Bloom

Dire Bloom is a emo/pop-punk band to watch in the next few years,




Apostasy jumps from fast to slow, genre to genre, style to style, at a moment’s notice—but this is in no way a bad thing.