Premiere: Moral Support Drops New Video for “Complexity”

August 18, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

Everyone could use a little Moral Support… as in, the band from Philadelphia, PA.

Premiere: We’re “Gold Coast Dreaming” with Pet Fangs’ Debut Track

August 16, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

We love new bands, and we know you do too, so allow us to introduce you to Pet Fangs.

Premiere: Leave the Universe’s New Video for “N.W.O” Will Make You Wanna Start a Revolution

August 10, 2017 | By Alex Bear

Leave the Universe’s new video is a straight-up shot of punk mayhem, complete with black and white and in-your-face flashing images (you have been warned).

Premiere: The Former Me’s New Video Will Help You “Get a Grip” on Your Week

August 9, 2017 | By Alex Bear

The Former Me’s new video for “Get a Grip” has all the pop punk energy you’ll need to kick ass the rest of the week.

Song Premiere: Relive Good Ol’ Rock & Roll with Humble Moon’s “It Ain’t Easy”

August 8, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

We’ve got rock and roll straight from Stockholm, Sweden today, and we’re sharing it with you.

Premiere: “Get Up” + Jam with a New Pop Punk Track from Rebuilder

August 7, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

We’re saying September could stand to get here a little sooner, because we can’t wait to hear the new EP from Rebuilder.

Video Premiere: Fame on Fire Are Dropping a New Music Video Just “For You”

August 4, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

Fame on Fire’s career takes after their band name.

Premiere: Aria Wunderland’s New Track is an “Aftershock” Full of Emotion

August 1, 2017 | By Alex Bear

Aria Wunderland’s new song “Aftershock” will reach in to fill that void left by a loved one’s absence, and soothe your soul with pure synthpop perfection, because, girl, does she know how you feel.

Premiere: Color + Thunder’s Video for “David Fincher Song”

July 28, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

The duo’s latest release is a video for “David Fincher Song”, and we have the first look.

Premiere: Spirit City Admits ‘We’re All Insane’ with New EP

July 28, 2017 | By Emillie Marvel

We’re All Insane, and some of us use that inspiration for rad indie pop sounds. Enter Spirit City.