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You’re about to get lucky this Friday because we've got a fanfic appetizer for Season 2 of Stranger Things. Geek Girl Rioters, Monique and Sherin aka MoRin have penned a spec script for their version of the second season opener of the beloved yet creepy 80s inspired paranormal series.

"The Promise" (written in May 2017) isn't affiliated with the Stranger Things series or Netflix in any way but it will definitely help hold you over until Oct 27 when season 2 drops. Think of it as a little love from your girls at GGR—with pics to make it feel real. Read "The Promise" exclusively right here on

Previously on STRANGER THINGS:
Season 1 ended with major losses and an uncertain future-- which somehow looked a lot like a happy ending. Police Chief Jim Hopper finally shook his depression, but a shadowy limousine picked him up for a conversation he couldn’t refuse. Will Byers was rescued from the twisted alternate reality known as the Upside Down, but he’s secretly coughing up slugs. Our four “Goonies” Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will were reunited, but Eleven (our psychically gifted hero) sacrificed herself to save them. Which makes us wonder why Chief Hopper keeps leaving Eggo waffles for her. The Demogorgon (the killer monster from the Upside Down) was eradicated by Eleven, but Hawkins Lab continues to cover everything up. Things have gotten very bad in Hawkins, Indiana and they’re about to get stranger...

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[caption id="attachment_276678" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Will may have left the Upside Down but the Upside Down didn't leave Will." Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276679" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Lucas has a lot to learn and we meet a new lady warrior."Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276689" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Joyce just wants to go back to something resembling normal."Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276680" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Mike might be singing 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' soon...". Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276681" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Sometimes they come back...". Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276682" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Love in stranger times--What will Steve do without Nancy?" Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276683" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Whose side are you on, Sheriff?" Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276684" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Jonathan just wants to take pictures, no weird shit." Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276685" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "That boy Billy, he ain't right." Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276690" align="aligncenter" width="5576"] "Time to get the band back together." Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276686" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "What the hell kind of experiment went wrong this time, Doc?" Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_276687" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] "Mad Max? More like Furiosa!" Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix[/caption]



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First Listen: “An Existential Eve With My Pet Hamster” by Dead Is The Cat Fri, 20 Oct 2017 15:58:55 +0000 Tom Emerging from the suburban hellscape of St. Petersburg, Florida, Dead Is The Cat brings...

Emerging from the suburban hellscape of St. Petersburg, Florida, Dead Is The Cat brings you an exclusive listen of their song, An Existential Eve With My Pet Hamster. 

The band is preparing the release of their debut studio album, For All We Know, an album the band says they've poured everything into, including their own sweat. Let's hope the copy we pick up won't be musky. Check out An Existential Eve With My Pet Hamster below and keep an eye out for the accompanying music video.

Hear more indie on idobi Anthm. 


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Fresh Pressed [new music friday] – 036 Fri, 20 Oct 2017 10:00:47 +0000 Tom What better way to kick off a weekend than with new music? Featuring new... [/imgfull]

What better way to kick off a weekend than with new music? Fridays are always chock full of the latest songs and albums ready to be the soundtrack to everyone’s antics, and here you’ll find some of the week’s standout releases. Whether you’re ready to spin an anticipated song from a favorite artist or just taking a look at what’s out there, there’s a whole lot of tunes to dive right into. Who knows—maybe you’ll find your next obsession.

Tegan and Sara - The Con X: Covers

The Con is not only an important record for pop music, but it’s an important record for Tegan and Sara’s career. Celebrating its tenth year anniversary, the album helped push the duo over the edge and into mainstream success, and they’ve since gone on to improve with each album thereafter. Still, The Con is worth remembering, and The Con X: Covers honors its legacy in the finest of ways. Featuring the likes of Chvrches, Sara Bareilles, and Paramore’s Hayley Williams, some of the most influential and talented women in music assist in putting their own spin on The Con’s songs, and the result will remind you just why the original album is so special.

Maroon 5 - “Whiskey”

It’s a waste of time to talk about how Maroon 5 are no longer the same band that released Songs About Jane—well, duh. But through the process of becoming a full-blown pop band, the group’s mastered the art of a tailor-made radio anthem. They’ve also shown they have the ability to call back to their arguable heyday, too. On “Whiskey,” the latest track off their Red Pill Blues album, Adam Levine is as vulnerable as we’ve seen him as the track is one of the most imaginative songs they’ve ever recorded.

Niall Horan - Flicker

With his debut solo album, Flicker, ex-One Directioner Niall Horan has no problem making a name for himself outside of his boy band, even if his songs are a bit reminiscent of 1D’s final years. Sporting a heavy adult contemporary soundscape, Horan blends into the genre effortlessly, providing a solid LP for both new fans and old.

The Dangerous Summer - “Fire”

Out with the old, in with the new—it’s a tried and true saying and it seems like the focal point of The Dangerous Summer’s hard-to-believe comeback. After a three year hiatus, the band is back in action with a brand new record, but more importantly, a brand new single for the world to devour. Despite the messy breakup, this new-look Dangerous Summer doesn’t miss a beat on “Fire,” a slow-burn rocker with a punchy chorus. The band releases their self-titled album via Hopeless Records on January 26th.

Liam Payne - “Bedroom Floor”

Liam Payne’s found his niche rather quickly, so you’ve got to give him credit for that whether you like his music or not. Following the club anthem “Strip That Down,” Payne heads back to a similar, sexy formula on the aptly-titled “Bedroom Floor.” A breezy trop-pop instrumental acts as the backbone before Payne unleashes an addictive falsetto chorus.

Rachel Platten - “Collide”

Whether it’s called “Fight Song” or not every song is a fight song for Rachel Platten. Now solidified as a household name in music, each track she’s released since her breakout hit has helped prove why she’s here to stay. “Collide” crashes down the moment it begins with purposeful piano until Platten breaks out of her comfort zone on what is her most eclectic song to date.

Taylor Swift - “Gorgeous”

It doesn’t matter how long Taylor Swift’s been in the game, you can always expect surprises when it comes to new music. With her Reputation era, we’ve already seen pseudo-rapping and Right Said Fred interpolation, so what else could possibly be in store? Turns out “Gorgeous,” the record’s latest promo track, is actually the most sane sounding thus far. It’s got that signature Jack Antonoff production feel, and the lyrics are totally relatable, “Guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats.” Same, girl.

Post Malone - “Candy Paint”

Post Malone is on top of the world, especially now after his first number one hit with his recent single, “Rockstar.” With a new album looming, new tracks are starting to roll in, and even a couple old ones, too. “Candy Paint” is finally released as a stand-alone single after having only been featured on the The Fate of the Furious soundtrack earlier this year. This re-issue is important because not only does it mean an album is getting closer, but Malone is finally pushing to get this chilled out pop track the recognition it deserves.

Weezer - “Happy Hour”

You can guarantee a party when it comes to new Weezer music, and their Pacific Daydream era has no shortage of feel good tunes. “Happy Hour” sounds exactly like the title would suggest—a heavy beat is present throughout while Rivers bursts into a loud and glimmering chorus.

Kelly Clarkson - “Meaning of Life”

With the title track released from her forthcoming album, Kelly Clarkson shows her record’s purpose in only four minutes. Powerhouse, pitch-perfect vocals take precedence while the song is yet another soulful offering from her expansive repertoire—it’s a style that Clarkson keeps fresh with every note.

Future & Young Thug - Super Slimey

Did you really think Future was satisfied releasing only two albums this year? The rapper gets together with Young Thug for a collaborative effort titled Super Slimey where each artist fights to outdo the other on every bar. The result is an instant collaborative classic, rivaling Watch The Throne and What A Time To Be Alive for one of the best joint albums in recent memory.

Other new releases:
MGMT - “Little Dark Age”
A Perfect Circle - “The Doomed”
Frank Turner - “There She Is”
Sleater-Kinney - “Here We Come”
Lindsey Stirling - Warmer in the Winter
Kygo - “Kids in Love” (feat. The Night Game)
Nick Jonas - “Home”
Justin Bieber - “Friends” (Remix) (feat. Julia Michaels)
Fifth Harmony - “Can You See”
Ty Dolla $ign - “Don’t Judge Me”


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Exclusive Stream: Get Weird with Pacifico’s New Album ‘Everest’! Thu, 19 Oct 2017 15:00:36 +0000 Tom We’re bringing you new music from Pacifico today; idobi is the only place you... [/imgfull]

It’s almost the weekend, let’s get weird. We’re bringing you new music from Pacifico today; idobi is the only place you can hear the new album Everest in full a day early! Yeah, we love you guys THAT much. Listening to the supernatural synth-filled indie rock that powers Everest, we’re about 98% convinced that Pacifico’s Matthew Schwartz is a singer-songwriter by day, space traveler by night. The proof is in the music: The entire album has a definite outer galaxy vibe to it, and its beautifully captivating lyrics leave you with questions about life, the universe, and everything. Pacifico is writing a sci-fi fantasy flick of their own design, and scoring it too. Schwartz says of the record:

"For my new album Everest, I challenged myself to take new strides in the way I wrote music and what I wrote about. This album truly was my highest mountain to climb and I did so alongside many talented and fascinating artistic friends and collaborators. I am so excited to share what we've created with you on idobi. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. If you enjoy live music, look for us in a city near you on our nationwide tour. You can find our tour dates at Thank you for supporting independent music!"

Everest was certainly a mountain to climb for Schwartz; it took three and a half years, five studios, and 12 musicians—including Joy Electric’s synth-maestro Ronnie Martin and poet Vincent Cellucci—to create Pacifico’s third full-length. Pacifico has been since ’99 in one form or another, but this more collaborative approach to the band has been liberating, and opened up new creative pathways. Schwartz & co. have poured all their experience and expertise into Everest, making the challenge seem effortless, and totally worth the wait. And as for you fans, listening won’t be a mountain to climb—instead, you’ll be powering up the [insert your spaceship of choice] and flying sky high to new musical worlds. Because Everest is a journey, exploring life, love, loss, and everything that makes us human, and you’re in for a damn good ride.

Loved it? Yeah you did. Get your pre-order on hereEverest is out at midnight!


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First Listen: Hear Zander Bleck’s “Battlecall” with New Video Thu, 19 Oct 2017 10:00:14 +0000 Tom Inspiration, positivity, manifestation; these are the qualities that set Zander Bleck apart from the... [/imgfull]

Inspiration, positivity, manifestation; these are the qualities that set Zander Bleck apart from the crowd. His anthemic sound sets the stage for his beliefs and his journey, making his a story you have to hear to believe.

In every note of the compelling tracks, we find the talent and fearlessness that was required to go from a kid in New Jersey, to a New York model, to a departure from the well known paths of music making in favor for a direct chain from artist to fan.

Zander is setting out to reach listeners worldwide, and is ready to take the next step forward with “Battlecall”. The video for the arena worthy track can be found exclusively below.

[youtube] [/youtube]


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Take A Trip To Suburbia With Envy On The Coast and Catch Them On Tour! Wed, 18 Oct 2017 16:34:07 +0000 Tom Envy On The Coast has a new video for "Virginia Girls" you need to...

Envy On The Coast released a new video for their single "Virginia Girls" (which you can watch below) off their EP RitualAlso the band has announced a short East Coast Holiday Tour which you can grab ticket for here!

Tour Dates:

12/20 - Boston, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs

12/21 - Asbury Park, NJ @ House Of Independents

12/22 - Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel

12/23 - Wantagh, NY @ Mulcahy’s


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Letting Go and Finding Home with Sean Scanlon of Smallpools Wed, 18 Oct 2017 14:00:12 +0000 Tom Smallpools are a long way from where they began—it shows in their new music,... All shots by Anna Lee Media[/caption]

It’s not something you hear often, but Los Angeles has been good for Smallpools. Eschewing the typical burnout, cynical and fake side of LA, that you always hear talk of, the indie pop band have found a place to call home. They’re a long way from where they began—it shows in the music, and in our conversation. It’s a cloudy but typically beautiful day when I call, and vocalist Sean Scanlon is taking a walk around the block in Reseda, California, enjoying a break from preparations for their upcoming tour. Smallpools’ new EP The Science of Letting Go has just come out and this time around the vibe is different, both musically and as individuals; it’s more relaxed, more at home than they’ve ever been.

“It feels good,” Scanlon says of finally putting the new songs out there. “We were under the radar for awhile, just writing a lot of songs. There were a lot of mood swings. We decided on these five as our favorites, they all had a nice theme together.” The Science of Letting Go is a celebration of freedom, still powered by exuberant highs but with less urgency and more depth than ever before. Capturing feelings and transforming them into musical lightning in a bottle moments that move you is what Smallpools does best. They’re just living in the now, and their listeners are with them every step of the way. “Fans seem to like what’s going on, so all in all a positive report,” he quips.

[blockquotefull]Capturing feelings and transforming them into musical lightning in a bottle moments that move you is what Smallpools does best.[/blockquotefull]

This newfound creative approach is something the band had to learn the hard way; their attitude to making music has mellowed as they’ve evolved as musicians. “This time felt a little different,” he admits. “The original stuff was just kind of like us in a rehearsal space. Nobody knew who the hell we were. We didn’t know much about what was going on in music at the time.” The band were giving it one last shot, and that’s when magic happened with their debut self-titled EP. “There was a nothing to lose-type attitude. I think that maybe came across in those songs.” The Science of Letting Go is freeing in a different way; they’re not trying to push for anything in particular. Getting it right and true to them was more important than ever with this record. “We were just waiting for things to come—but not in a lazy way” he jokes. Underneath the light humor you get the immediate sense that Sean Scanlon is a pro. His band have been around the world and back, through all the highs and lows of the music industry, and they’ve taken every lesson on board.


It’s always a challenge when a band has a song blow up, but then expectations about a follow up aren’t met. For Smallpools, it was “Dreaming”, the major hit on their very first EP, and it led to pressure to produce that kind of viral success ever since. Too often that pressure stops creatives from developing further, when they’re expected to do exactly what they did before. “You never really know what the track is that people are going to care about or what is going make sense to people,” he observes. And that’s what music is all about, celebrating our differences and how a song can take on so many different meanings. Music is an art form and you can’t replicate true inspiration, no matter how hard you try. You can only grow.

[blockquotefull]"Even if we’re jamming in a room for hours and hours, we’re just hoping for that happy accident where we all turn to each other like, ‘oh man, that was it'."[/blockquotefull]

Talking to Scanlon you get the feeling that, while he’s grateful for the past—signing to RCA Records early on helped get the band to where it is today—he’s glad to be writing his own future now. The band left RCA last year and are now under Kobalt Music Group, which has granted them more freedom. Being signed to a major label provided the financial backing and business guidance to help take their career to the next level, which is something most artists can only dream of. But it became harder to make the music they wanted to, when they were almost expected to make another hit like “Dreaming”. Going independent has clearly given them room to breathe; now, they can take their time and let inspiration come to them. Here Scanlon hesitates, trying to find the right words. “Our whole thing is just like, we…I mean, not necessarily wait—because we do write and work—but the random lines or inspirations, they come out of nowhere. Even if we’re jamming in a room for hours and hours, we’re just hoping for that happy accident where we all turn to each other like, ‘oh man, that was it’.”


Scanlon credits the transition to California for the change of pace. “First moving to LA, I was like, ‘oh it’s vacation phase!’ and then I was like, ‘I gotta get a job!’ and I got all this cool new stuff and palm trees and…” he trails off, laughing before getting serious—after a few years, they’re settled and life under the sun has seeped into their attitude, and in turn the themes and moods of their songs. “But we’ve all just kinda chilled out a little bit since getting here and doing the initial music. So I think it’s just our moods channel through.” Those moods are summer-soaked, sparkling, and can elevate your own mood at a moment’s notice—because you feel what they feel, and these songs take on a life of their own for every listener.

“When things come out and other people listen, it’s like your whole vision of it all is put on its head,” he admits. But that’s half the fun. Even Scanlon, listening back to the songs now, finds new layers he didn’t realize existed. “Every week my favorite will change, like ‘oh man! I’m really down with this song right now’, and then I’ll discover something new in another one of ours.” When you’ve spent countless hours pouring parts of your life into songs, putting that incredibly personal work out there can be nerve wracking. But then they mean something completely different to each and every person hearing them, and it’s exciting to get a fresh perspective. “Originally during the writing process we thought one song was the one, but then something else came to the forefront.” He won’t say which—that’s for us to try and figure out. He wants everyone to have their own experience and find their own ways with each track, just as they had different experiences writing and recording them.


The word synchronicity comes to mind when you hear about their journey with The Science of Letting Go—from finding inspiration in the moment right through to the collaborations. “All the songs are from five different producers,” he explains. “We would meet friends who were also in the music industry at parties or gatherings or something and we’d be like, ‘Hey! You know, we should write together sometime’. Usually in Hollywood that means, you know, I probably won’t see you for a long time but…in this case we kind of actually acted on these meetings and setups and we wrote with some friends and some new cool people that we met, and it all just kinda happened.” He almost brushes it off, like working with big names such as Flor’s Dylan S Bauld (who recently collaborated with LIGHTS and Halsey) and Printz Board (Mark Ronson, John Legend) is no big deal. It’s LA, it seems wild to the rest of us looking in, but ask anyone living there and they’ll shrug and tell you that’s just how it is.

[blockquotefull]That’s what The Science of Letting Go is, to me, at least; sometimes when you stop searching for something, you find everything you’ve been looking for all along.[/blockquotefull]

All roads lead back to Los Angeles, at least for nowwho knows where life might take Smallpools next. That’s what The Science of Letting Go is, to me, at least; sometimes when you stop searching for something, you find everything you’ve been looking for all along. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? When the honeymoon phase wears off and you’re still content, you’re right where you need to be. Smallpools have that figured out; they’ve found home. “It just feels like life somewhere else,” Scanlon says, and in that moment he could be talking about LA, or the new chapter of Smallpools. “The overall naive excitement for it all has gone. Now we’re just hanging out and playing songs.”


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(Un)Covered: Skid Row (Downtown) Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:00:38 +0000 Tom Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes remind us that they were made to star on... Skid Row (Downtown)”
Writers: Alan Menken, Howard Ashman
Original Release Date: 1982

Just in time for Halloween, I came across a cover song from a horror comedy musical that, while not spooky, will definitely add a spring in your step. But first, the original:


Even if, like me, you haven’t seen Little Shop of Horrors, everyone can recognize the giant venus fly-trap that features predominantly in the musical. Written by Howard Ashman and with music by Alan Menken, the musical premiered in 1982, based on a 1960 movie of the same name. The story revolves around the love blossoming between two flower shop workers, Seymour and Audrey, as well as the carnivorous venus flytrap that mysteriously appeared during an eclipse. Honestly, it sounds ridiculous—and I’m into it. This version of “Skid Row (Downtown)” is the second song on the soundtrack from the 2003 Broadway revival. In it, we meet Audrey and Seymour who both lament their unfortunate lives and complain about where they live. The lyrical content sounds similar to a lot of pop-punk songs when you think about it, but the musical is heavily influenced by Motown and early sixties rock ’n’ roll, making it more doo-wop than hardcore.


A few years back, Dallon Weekes and Brendon Urie released a free cover of “Skid Row (Downtown)”. It wasn’t released under the Panic! at the Disco name, but then-guitarist Ian Crawford also played on it. In their cover, Urie takes the role of Audrey (and the Bag Lady) while Weekes plays Seymour and the gang of urchins who help set the scene multiple times during the show. It’s no surprise that this cover came out around the same time as Panic!’s third album, Vices & Virtues—it has the same vaudevillian quality to it, with a more pronounced guitar part, and two powerful voices. We always knew that Urie was made for Broadway, but this cover proves that Weekes can be just as theatrical—what do we have to do to see him on The Great White Way?

While the Broadway cast is made up of theatre professionals and not rock stars, you can’t deny that there’s something electric about the combination of Weekes and Urie’s voices. Their cover makes me wish for another Broadway revival of Little Shop of Horrors.


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Shut Up About the Guinness, GIVE US THE MUSIC (and the Guinness): Ten Bands to Cheer from Ireland Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:00:10 +0000 Tom Here’s 10 bands (in no particular order) from Ireland that you shouldn’t be sleeping... Ireland is known for a lot of things—when you say you’re from Ireland one of 3 things will happen: 1) the person you’re talking to will say they, too, are Irish, 2) a comment about Guinness and/or Whiskey will ensue or, 3) Conor McGregor. Just anything about Conor McGregor. However, one other thing you may think of is music. Unfortunately even within Ireland attention can veer towards basic unoriginal bland music. That being said, just under the surface there is an abundance of talent and genuine musical ability. When compiling this list, it was hard to bring it down to only ten but alas, here’s Ten Bands (in no particular order) from Ireland that you shouldn’t be sleeping on. With a variety of genres, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

1. Otherkin

[caption id="attachment_276561" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Photo credit: Jake Haseldine[/caption]

Grunge-pop foursome Otherkin already have an impressive resumé, from supporting the likes of Guns N' Roses to spending the summer playing festivals, the band are now setting off on an extensive tour around Europe. Check out their video for "Come On, Hello" to get a bit of a sense for what their live show has in store. Following the 201 EP and The New Vice EP, Otherkin’s debut full length, OK is a mark of triumph of everything they’ve accomplished, and also a sign of big things to come. 

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



2. Fangclub

[caption id="attachment_276562" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] Photo credit: Pooneh Ghana[/caption]

Having signed to major record label Universal Music Ireland in 2015, Fangclub have been breaking boundaries left, right, and center. The three-piece began getting particular attention with "Bullet Head" which give you two minutes of pure energy. Already gaining critical acclaim, the band’s live energy was in no way lost in the recording of their debut self-titled full-length. Having just supported SWMRS in the UK and gearing up to go on a headline Irish-tour there are no signs of slowing down.

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



3. All Tvvins


If you want a break from the heavier stuff, All Tvvins might be for you. After releasing single "Anything", the duo are back at it with a bang. A perfect song while you try desperately to hang on to what’s left of the summer feeling. Both having pretty solid foundations in the music scene already and being parts of established bands—the two decided to focus on All Tvvins and it’s been only been an upward trajectory since—going from impressive support slots (with the likes of Arcade Fire and Editors) to playing their own sold out shows and massive festival appearances.    

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



4. Raglans


The four-piece are no strangers this side of the ocean, having performed at the likes of SXSW and recorded their Again and Again EP in California in 2016. Raglans are currently building suspense for whatever they have up their sleeves—posting a teaser of what they’re working on with a new song “Same Stone Pavements” on YouTube. Before that, Raglans’ debut full length and EPs along with their infectious live shows have created a recognizable sound that is distinctly theirs. 

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



5. Talos


Eoin French’s project, Talos emerged in 2014 with the introduction of “Tethered Bones”. As the years have gone on, melodic electronic-pop music has continued to make Talos one of the most unique artists in the scene. The album Wild Alee is a masterful example of pure talent. 

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



6. Bitch Falcon


Bitch Falcon have been blazing their way to the forefront of the scene with their powerful amalgamation of influences, resulting in a combination of alt-rock/grunge/noise-pop. The three-piece have been busy, having played shows in Canada in September before returning to Ireland for festival appearances, and they continue to be one of the most exciting live bands around.

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



7. Pillow Queens


Dublin’s punk-pop outfit Pillow Queens released their debut EP, Calm Girls, themselves and have been going from strength-to-strength since then. Having toured across the UK and Ireland, the band’s melodic punk continues to challenge the boundaries of the genre.  Still relatively new to the scene, with Calm Girls released in December of 2016, they’ve been busy building up their live portfolio and impressed at this year’s Electric Picnic. 

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



8. The Academic


Also not complete strangers to the US, The Academic have been busy spending more and more time over here; they're currently on tour in support of Judah and The Lion across the states. The indie-pop band’s live loop version of their single "Bear Claws" has already amassed over 1.3 million views on YouTube, having only been released at the start of October. The innovative video shows the band using Facebook’s livestream option as a looper and is an impressive example of their creativity.  

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



9. Little Hours


If you want some music to chill to, Little Hours is your band. They are yet to release an album but have already played this year’s Main Stage at Electric Picnic, an impressive feat by anyone’s standard. The Donegal duo’s interpretation of the folk/pop genre is backed by both of their skills as singer-songwriters, setting them apart from other bands in the genre and giving them their own sound.

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook




[caption id="attachment_276570" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Photo credit: Lucas Garvey[/caption]

With three EPs to their name, THUMPER have fast been making a name for themselves—due in part to their explosive live shows. With no signs of slowing down, the noise-pop band have already completed their fourth EP and will be going on tour with Fangclub in October.

Where to find them: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



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Photos: MAX in Los Angeles Tue, 17 Oct 2017 15:00:36 +0000 Tom idobi photographer Nicole Busch show covered the MAX show at The Roxy in Los... Last Thursday night in Los Angeles, there was a rush of pure energy felt 'round The Roxy—that enchanting feeling pop singer-songwriter MAX is known for. idobi photographer Nicole Busch was there to capture the magic of the Meteor Tour, and she’s bringing you her take on the show below. So turn the Lights Down Low baby and start scrolling, 'cause when MAX takes the stage, that’s a moment you wish could last forever—and now it can with these photos.


Meteor Tour dates:
October 17th - Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
October 18th - Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf
October 19th - Dallas, TX @ House of Blues - Cambridge Room
October 21st - Austin, TX @ Stubbs Indoors
October 22nd - Houston, TX @ House of Blues - Bronze Peacock
October 24th - Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5
October 25th - Asheville, NC @ New Mountain
October 26th - Washington, D.C. @ U Street
October 27th - Columbus, OH @ The Basement
October 28th - Chicago, IL @ Schubas - SOLD OUT
October 29th - Chicago, IL @ Schubas - SOLD OUT
November 1st - Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground
November 2nd - Montreal, QC @ Fairmont
November 3rd - Portsmouth, NH @ 3S Artspace
November 4th - New York, NY @ Gramercy
November 7th - Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
November 9th - Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry
November 10th - Richmond, VA @ The Broadberry
November 11th - Raleigh, NC @ Motorco Music Hall
November 15th - Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse at The International
November 16th - Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe at Old National Centre
November 18th - Milwaukee, WI @ Miramar Theatre
November 19th - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Entry


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