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The year is 2017. Self-heating coffee mugs are here, cute pets and memes rule the internet, and you’re about to discover your next favorite band. Hitting the ground running since their formation in 2013, Too Close To Touch have put out an EP and not one, but two full-length records in the space of two years. They’ve also toured with Emarosa, I The Mighty, PVRIS, Hands Like Houses, as well as playing Warped. So yeah, blink and you’ll miss this band, the rate they’re headed for the big leagues with every new release. You’ve got a lot to catch up on, so sit down, pay attention, and quickstart your Too Close To Touch fan-career with our handy idobi 101.


Formed: 2013
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Genre: Rock / Alternative
Latest release: Haven't Been Myself
In ten words or less: Moshpit-ready music that finally puts your emotions into words.
Twitter: @TooCloseToTouch
Instagram: @tooclosetotouchband

Level one: Complete. By now you’ve hit play on Haven’t Been Myself, and then hit repeat (a few times over). You’ve progressed onto their debut record Nerve Endings, and dug into their self-titled EP. Each new track you hear reaches deep into your soul, giving voice to feelings you didn’t know how to express before. You haven’t air-guitared round your room as much as you have lately, and your throat hurts from screaming along to all the epic choruses. You’re officially hooked—there’s no turning back now. Level two: Time to learn your guitarists from your drummers, your singers from your bassists. Read on to find out who’s who in Too Close To Touch.


Need to know:

Needs to hire a PI to investigate his phone...

Has exceptional taste in art:

Is older than Mother Nature herself:


Need to know:

Has an impolite alter ego:

Likes to reminisce about simpler times:

Should have stayed on the playground:


Need to know:

Other nicknames include:

Idea of a perfect date:

I'm not real.

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Humble Beardginnings:

#tbt to when I was 17

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Need to know:

Not a fan of #FirstWorldProblems:

Feel free to badger him about how he keeps his mustache in such pristine shape:

A Gentleman's Essential. @BadgerBalm

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Is living his best life:


Need to know:

Has more #squadgoals than T-Swift:


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Says what we’re all thinking:

He walks up to the closet
He goes up to the closet
Now he's at the closet
Damn he's playing the closet?



We’ve already established you’ve started many a moshpit in your bedroom over this band (and you have the broken bedside lamp to prove it). Your Tumblr is full of pretty graphics featuring lyrics that mean more and more to you every day. You’re Too Close to attaining the coveted superfan level, and now you want to experience their music in a live setting where you’re almost able To Touch them (but y’know…don’t. Respect their space. Go be weird over there).  

So you get yourself and your best plus-one tickets, and spend the lead up planning, military-style, so you don’t forget anything—including (but not limited to): your homemade banner, your favorite TCTT beanie, your sharpies (in case you happen to run into the band). You barely sleep the night before, but that’s okay because you’ve got more than enough energy for the whole room. And that room is exactly like you pictured it; lit up by UV stage lights, filling up fast behind you (because of course you made the barrier), powered by a buzz of anticipation. You roll your eyes and smirk at the “no crowdsurfing” signs because you know as soon as the bass kicks in, this place is going to go insane. And with good reason—Too Close To Touch are about to take the stage, and you’re finally here to see it. Aren’t you?

Find out how to win tickets to see Too Close To Touch and Waterparks and graduate from idobi’s Too Close To Touch 101 class with honors.


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Inbox Jukebox #001 – Vacay, Tigress, Adrian Underhill + Chickenfoot Fri, 24 Feb 2017 13:30:00 +0000 Tom The Inbox Jukebox is the new column bringing you fresh new tunes and bands. [/imgfull]

You're in a diner. The kind of place where the steaks are fried. The mac & cheese is the exact same color and consistency as marshmallow Peeps. Somehow it all tastes amazing. There's a server in a striped apron who calls everybody "honeypie." She slams your food down so hard the table shifts. That's when you notice it. That chromed out, red, green, and yellow glass, music machine. It's straight out of another era. You can't resist. You ask Honeypie for a stack of nickels. She complies. The jingle of the coins sounds sweet as you drop them into the slot, one by one. Then, you let the music play. What's the diner called? It's The Signal Boost. And this is the Inbox Jukebox:
Vacay - "Shoes"

Make sure to grab your shades and your best floral shirt, because hitting play on this next track will take you on a VACAY to somewhere eternally sunny. The singer/songwriter’s new track “Shoes” is a sweet and emotional tale about a girl he had a crush on from his old job. It rightfully belongs on a late 80s soundtrack, and definitely belongs in your headphones.


Tigress - Like It Is

Get ready for a blast of pop rock from across the pond—British quintet Tigress have just announced their new EP Like It Is will be out on May 12th via LAB Records. Get a taste of what’s to come with their most recent single “Power Lines”, and try to stop yourself from drumming along on your desk at work (your boss will understand).



Adrian Underhill - "Not Good Enough"

This is delightfully weird, and we're good with that. Stay tuned for more good, weird, and generally awesome with Adrian Underhill's upcoming debut album, due out later this year on Indica Records.



Chickenfoot - "Divine Termination"

What’s that sound? Oh, it’s just the sound of a supergroup blasting its way back into your speakers for the first time in five years. You can now hear Chickenfoot's brand new track “Divine Termination”, which is spearheading the upcoming best of collection BEST + LIVE. Joe Satriani himself says the track is “bone crunching, hell raising rock, dripping with attitude and vibe. Just the way Chickenfoot likes it!” That’s right—Chickenfoot is made up of frontman Sammy Hagar, guitarist Joe Satriani, bassist Michael Anthony of Van Halen, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith. Bow down to the rock gods and mark your calendars for the collection's release on March 10.


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“Sweet Disasters” Aren’t Bad At All When It Comes to Dreamers’ New Video Fri, 24 Feb 2017 11:30:48 +0000 Tom You're not dreaming, and this video does not exist, so get ready, get set,... [/imgfull]

You're not dreaming, and this video does not exist, so get ready, get set, and get working the night shift with idobi UpRising band DREAMERS. Accompanying the song "Sweet Disaster", you can check out the band's brand new music video below:

"The video for 'Sweet Disaster' is an homage to the cult classic 'Clerks' with a tripped out dream experience.  We filmed it all night at a corner store in Echo Park LA; Nelson, Jacob and the lovely Marissa Luck play the store clerks, and I play all the customers. With all the serious stuff going on in the world we wanted to use the video to escape reality, and hopefully laugh for a few minutes. The video is about the inner mind of all dreamers, as they live out their own sweet disasters in everyday life." —Nick Wold

You've probably heard "Sweet Disaster" on plenty of alternative charts, and now you'll have some cool—and strange—visuals to go along with it. It's time to go see DREAMERS on their trek with The Griswolds!

Tour Dates:

  • February 24 - Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall

  • February 25 - Philadelphia, PA @ Foundry Room at the Fillmore

  • February 26 - Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair

  • February 28 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

  • March 2 - Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground

  • March 3 - Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room

  • March 4 - South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

  • March 7 - Columbus, OH @ The A&R Music Bar

  • March 9 - Detroit, MI @ El Club

  • March 10 - Chicago, IL @ Double Door

  • March 11 - Madison, WI @ The Frequency

  • March 12 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock

  • March 14 - Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar

  • March 16 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater


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Premiere: Visit Casa Bonita with Famous Last Words + The Incubus Tour Vlog Fri, 24 Feb 2017 11:00:25 +0000 Tom If you've ever wanted to see what life is like for the guys who... [/imgfull]

If you've ever wanted to see what life is like for the guys who make up Famous Last Words, your time has come. The Incubus Tour Vlog series takes you behind the scenes on the band's December tour, in support of their latest album The Incubus. (You know, the one you still have on repeat in your car stereo?)

In the second installment, the Petoskey, MI natives swung by Casa Bonita. They've invited you to join in on the fun by documenting the whole trip—from swearing in arcades to indoor waterfalls, great fortunes to more danger ahead, you can relive it all with JT, Craig, Tyler, Mathew, and Evan. Join in on the adventure below!

[youtube] [/youtube]


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Premiere: Don’t “See Through” or Miss Out on Rival Town’s New Video Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:00:52 +0000 Tom Remember the killer new track from Rival Town that premiered on Gone Fishkin last... [/imgfull]

Remember the killer new track from Rival Town that premiered on Gone Fishkin last night? Well, we have good news about that... unless you don't like cool music videos to accompany your favorite tracks.

Today, the Canadian pop punk six piece is bringing us the exclusive premiere of their video for "See Through". If you like what you see (and hear), keep an eye out for more material from the band, who are working on a new EP to release this summer.

[youtube] [/youtube]


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Fresh Pressed [new music friday] – 002 Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:00:19 +0000 Tom What better way to kick off a weekend than with new music? Featuring new... [/imgfull]

What better way to kick off a weekend than with new music? Fridays are always chock full of the latest songs and albums ready to be the soundtrack to everyone’s antics, and here you’ll find some of the week’s standout releases. Whether you’re ready to spin an anticipated song from a favorite artist or just taking a look at what’s out there, there’s a whole lot of tunes to dive right into. Who knows—maybe you’ll find your next obsession.

John Mayer - The Search for Everything
- Wave Two

John Mayer threw the music industry for a loop when he announced that his long-awaited full-length, The Search for Everything, wouldn’t be dropping as a collective unit, but rather in parts that get released every month. Wave One came in January, and now we’re being treated to Wave Two. Featuring standout track, “Helpless,” this four-song EP-ish release is even better than last month’s. If Mayer is going to keep up the monthly releases for the duration of 2017, we’ve got a lot of music to look forward to.

Future - HNDRXX

Just when everybody was settling down from the fireworks of Future’s latest full-length—a surprise release titled FUTURE—he’s lighting the fuse once again for another album a week later. Seriously. This one, HNDRXX, is the record he’s “always wanted to make” and also says it’s his most honest, too. It was rumored that it’d feature a more pop sound to it, and now that we have our hands on it, the rumors were dead on. The album sports some monster anthems in “Incredible” and “Fresh Air”, and with features from The Weeknd, and Rihanna, Future is going to have to prepare himself for lengthy time at the top of the charts.

Acceptance - Colliding By Design

They’ve spent a long time away, but Acceptance are finally back to doing what they do best. Following a ten year hiatus and even longer since their last record, the Seattle-based rock outfit unleashes what is undeniably the highlight of their career in Colliding By Design. Despite the absence, Acceptance show they haven’t missed a beat with an album full of soaring jams, and vocalist Jason Vena sounds better than ever. Strapped for time and can’t check out the full collection? Give “Fire and Rain” and “Goodbye” a listen.

The Chainsmokers - “Something Just Like This”

The Chainsmokers have become kings of crafting pitch-perfect EDM pop with a women vocalist commanding the track, but the duo switches things up with their new single in a massive way. Linking up with a totally unknown small-time band by the name of Coldplay, they unveil “Something Just Like This.” Coldplay’s Chris Martin has pipes that slice through this dreamy pop anthem like through butter, and for such a strange collaboration, it works out beautifully. Yeah, maybe it sounds a little like every other Chainsmokers song, but why fix what ain’t broken? “Something Just Like This” is off their debut album, Memories: Do Not Open, out April 9th.

The 1975 - “By Your Side”

Congrats to The 1975 for nabbing their first ever Brit Award! It was for best British Group, but really, they should have taken home the award for Album of the Year for last year’s I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It. Still, it’s hard to complain, especially because this week the boys also debut a brand new song—kind of: it’s called “By Your Side” and it’s a cover of Sade’s hit from 2000, being released for charity in honor of War Child. The cover takes an atmospheric approach with Auto-Tune draped all over frontman Matt Healy’s vocals, and by the end, you’re just hoping the band can hit the studio ASAP to make another album.

Meghan Trainor - “I’m A Lady”

Justin Timberlake proved that pop songs made for movies don’t necessarily have to be filler. For the upcoming Smurfs movie, because apparently there’s another one of those, queen Meghan Trainor is dishing out another dose of sass in “I’m A Lady.” The track is short but sweet and almost sounds like a continuation of her Title-era. It may be a one-off single, but if this is where her creative juices are flowing towards when it comes to her next record, it’s got the potential to blow last year’s Thank You out of the water.

Jason Derulo - “Swalla”

There are few things better than a Jason Derulo party song, but when you throw Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign into the mix, too, then it’s pretty much game over. This pop-hip-hop triple threat get together for the absolute banger in “Swalla,” and even if it might be February, it’s fiery enough to raise the temperature up like it’s June. “Swalla” has a strong Caribbean vibe and Minaj equips one of her best guest verses as of late, and that right there tells you why it’ll make a huge impact on radio.

Zedd - “Stay”

Zedd taps songstress Alessia Cara for his new single, “Stay,” and it’s basically a match made in pop heaven. Cara carries the song throughout with her infectious vocals, but once the chorus hits, that’s where the song really shines. Zedd takes a page out of Daft Punk’s handbook with a robotic-esque electronic groove, and if you wanted to take bets on which song might be the most remixed this summer, “Stay” could end up being the winner.

Other new releases:
Knuckle Puck - “Indecisive”
Ed Sheeran - “Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix)”
Brighten - “You Love Him”
Seether - “Let You Down”
At The Drive In - “Incurably Innocent”
Passion Pit - “The Undertow”
Kelly Clarkson & Aloe Blacc - “Love Goes On”
Calvin Harris - “Slide” feat. Frank Ocean, Migos
Bush - “Lost In You”
Khalid - “American Teen”
Ruth B. - “Superficial Love”
Tritonal - “Strangers”
Allie X - “‘Casanova”
Enrique Iglesias - “Subeme La Radio”


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Premiere: “Turn It Up” with Memoryy’s New Single Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:00:52 +0000 Tom Let's "Turn It Up" this Thursday with Memoryy. The electro-pop producer is set to...

Let's "Turn It Up" this Thursday with Memoryy. The electro-pop producer is set to release his next single tomorrow, but we have an exclusive listen of it today. Check out a stream of "Turn It Up" below!

The second single from the Brooklyn, NY act shows off 80s influence and plenty of pop characteristics to jam to. After it becomes your new favorite track, you can watch for his full length album, Skeletons, set to hit shelves this March.


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Premiere: Dear Kora’s New Single Is Better Than Any “Sunflower” You’ve Seen Before Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:00:00 +0000 Tom If sad songs make you happy, and female-led bands make you wanna conquer the...


If sad songs make you happy, and female-led bands make you wanna conquer the world, we think you'll dig our latest premiere. "Sunflower" is a dynamic track from Orange County act Dear Kora that'll have you rocking all day long.

"I knew I was sleepwalking. I wasn't actually awake, but I was looking for something, looking for everything. "Sunflower" is a heartfelt narrative inspired by vulnerability and the pursuit of something more." - Avery Robitaille

The song is the band's debut single, hinting at what's to come and why we should all be paying attention. With inspiration from vocalist Avery Robitaill's Indonesia upbringing, and a sound like what's found on "Sunflower", we're sure there's a lot in store for the trio. Hit play on the new single below, and let us know what you think on Twitter!

"Since I was raised in Indonesia surrounded by a variety of different cultures, I had an amazing childhood that helped to shape the way I live my life now. Each place we move to/travel to helps us grow as individuals.  It opens our eyes to things in the world we'd never realized were there...

It gives us the knowledge that our bodies are just temporary, and that the material things of this world are so fleeting. But the memories we make, the things we've done/accomplished during our lifetime, the influence we make, and the dreams we pursue are the things stays with us and make us who we are.” - Avery Robitaille


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Photos: A Day To Remember in Paris Thu, 23 Feb 2017 12:27:55 +0000 Tom idobi photographer Gaelle Pitrel covered the A Day To Remember show at Le Trianon...

A Day To Remember

Neck Deep

Moose Blood


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Witness All The “Bad Behavior” at 8123 Fest with The Maine’s New Video Thu, 23 Feb 2017 11:30:13 +0000 Tom If you’re like us and still not over last month’s 8123 Fest, The Maine’s... [/imgfull]

If you’re like us and still not over last month’s 8123 Fest, The Maine’s new video for “Bad Behavior” will have you reliving every second. Hit play on the video below to witness some footage from the Arizona festival and celebrate The Maine, 8123, and ten years of damn good music. The band said of the video:

[blockquotefull]“This is what 10 years with you all sounds like. What 10 years of the family looks like. And after 10 years, this is what it all feels like. You make us feel ok all over. Long live the 8123 cult(ure). #8123”[/blockquotefull]

Has “Bad Behavior” got you ready for the next ten years of The Maine? Us too. So get stoked because you won’t have to wait that long for more music: their new record Lovely Little Lonely will be out on April 7th 2017, and you can pre-order it here!



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