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Songs Behind Greatest Sports Events

The human culture has brought to this world countless wonderful inventions, few being as magical and touching as music. Notes played in harmony in such a way that can make us travel to ancient memories or bring our deepest, most hidden emotions to the surface. Music is one of, if not the most important cultural activities of human civilization, been present in our history for at least 40,000 years. Music can build the hype around a big event, sinking into us feelings of sadness and longing and even making us feel scared and anxious. Being such an important aspect of universal human culture is not a secret for anyone that music is present in every big sports event around the globe; most sports events have a dedicated song to it.

Many memorable songs have been born to this effect, with many becoming synonymous with them, being the equivalent of an anthem to that particular event. Be it behind the Winter Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup, music is part of the soul of these magnanimous events. Today dear readers, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic songs in sporting events all over the world.

A Bit of History

While the 20th and 21st centuries have been quite molding in the evolution of human culture and music, in particular, the presence of musical arrangements at sporting events is not a modern trend. The ancient Greeks, founders of the Olympic Games, would accompany all of their official sports events with music, playing a prominent part in the whole event. Following their precursors’ steps, the first edition of the modern Olympic Games in 1896 was accompanied by music in its presentation, with the Philharmonic Orchestra playing the National Anthem and the first Olympic Hymn on March 25th of that year. Over a century has gone by and music still plays an important role in every sports event around the world, so now let’s take a quick look at some of the most famous and iconic ones.

We Will Rock You (Queen)

A song and anthem that needs no presentation, Queen’s rendition of a cry of revolution and strength is one of the most influential and recognized songs in history. A staple of any sporting event, the song’s lyrics and body percussion help to light on fire the souls of both fans and athletes. Recorded in 1977, We Will Rock You is one of the most parodied, remixed, covered, and sampled songs in history, has been played millions of times, and along with another member of this list that we will soon talk about, one of the most popular and famous songs of the legendary band Queen.

We Are The Champions (Queen) 

The companion to the previous entry, both songs are not modern news, being produced for the same album. Yet both themes hold the distinction of being two of the most influential and famous songs in sports events; We Are The Champions is considered by many the anthem for the winner’s circle. Almost fifty years of history and events have come and gone, yet the prevalence of We Are The Champions as a testament to one’s capabilities of going over their limitations and achieving victory leave little room for any other song to occupy.

Waka Waka (Shakira)

The official theme song for the historical 2010 edition of the FIFA World Cup, the song combines elements of African and Latin American music genres. The Colombian singer Shakira along with John Hill were the ones that wrote, composed, and produced the song that would become one of the most famous World Cup themes in history. With over 3.04 billion views on YouTube, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) holds 29th place on the platform for most-watched videos. The lyrics inspire athletes to aim for their goals with their hearts and souls, like soldiers on a battlefield. 

Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)

Better known as the main theme song for the third installment of the Rocky franchise, Eye Of The Tiger embodies the strength and ferocity that athletes bring to every training session and match. A song that is a given in most sports events all over the globe, especially for contact sports, Eye Of The Tiger is credited as being one of the most inspirational and blood-pumping songs ever produced. Many readers would have heard this theme during their gym routines, and the luckiest ones in the audience will feel goosebumps remembering the training montage in Rocky III, truly a masterpiece of sports-centered music.

The List Goes On

Sadly, the available space for this particular topic comes to an end, leaving out many more songs that deserve recognition due to being an important part of sports and human culture. La Copa de la Vida, Don’t Stop Believin’, are just a couple of the titles that are left out of our list but deserve their spot, with many more just hanging in the corners of the internet, waiting for you to listen and lose yourself in their magic.

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