The Boys - Season 1

Various. Created by Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen

America’s greatest heroes are America’s greatest douches and they’ll be cleaned up by a ragtag collective of losers who are in it for the money, for revenge, and for laughs.


Veronica Mars - Season 4

Various. Created by Rob Thomas

Veronica Mars Season 4 is the grown and sexy continuation of the incredible teen sleuth drama so many came to love in the mid-aughties.


The Farewell

Lulu Wang

The Farewell is simultaneously funny and tear inducing because it’s true.


The Lion King

Jon Favreau

It’s the Lion King but it looks real. 


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Jon Watts

Peter Parker just wants to go on a Eurotrip and to *just maybe* tell M.J how he feels. Haha. Nice try. 



Danny Boyle

If you’re going to preach at me it better be from the pulpit on Sunday while I’m having my nap, because YESTERDAY should’ve been a Saturday night and a lot more fun when it ended.


Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

The diary of a brilliant woman who will pry your mind open and dip it into the universe.


Toy Story 4

Josh Cooley

The continuing adventures of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the whole Toy Story gang.



Tonia Mishiali

A woman whose life has been interrupted has to decide whether to take it back.



Paul Haggis, Dan Krauss

A group of nurses show early AIDS victims honest compassion in the last days of their lives.