Home Sweet Home Alone

Dan Mazer

Folks made a new Home Alone for no reason.


Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition


“The land is your land, this land is my land” is the American paradox—Taste the Nation shows us why through our varied cultures, our cuisines, and the nation’s crimes against us.



Miguel Sapochnik

An old man in a post-apocalyptic world builds a robot to help him travel across the country.


My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission

Kenji Nagasaki

The three favs of My Hero Academia are showcased as the future big three heroes of their world. 


Last Night in Soho

Edgar Wright

A girl in love with the past gets more than she bargained for when she somehow gets to experience those times herself.



Denis Villeneuve

The inspiration for Tatooine (and more), the most diabolical houses, a chosen one, and the vast imagination of an iconic SF hits the screen…hard


The Harder They Fall

Jeymes Samuel

A pair of rival gangs face off in a wild, wild west showdown filled with true life Black cowboys AND a soundtrack bouncing on beats with more ricochets than a gunfighter’s bullets. 


The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson

An old issue of the New Yorker but as a narrative film.


Queens - Season 1 [episode 1]

Tim Story

What if Cardi, Chika, Megan, and Saweetie were a girl group in the 90s?


Ron's Gone Wrong

Sarah Smith, Jean-Philippe Vine, Octavio E. Rodriguez

One part Short Circuit and one part criticism of kids on social media with devices.