Don't Try This - EP

Chase Atlantic

Fish is here to give you the lowdown on why you need to listen to Chase Atlantic’s new EP Don’t Try This.


Virtue EP

William Ryan Key

Virtue captures intense rushes of emotion from the singer-songwriter’s life to take us all on a new journey.


A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The 1975

This is an album that needs to be savored, that takes time to truly get, but once it all clicks together you’ll be impressed by just how clever The 1975 is.


206: Act II


When we told you Bohnes was killing it back when 206: Act I dropped, we meant every word. Now Act II has arrived and it turns out he was just getting started.



Mariah Carey

This album gives you what you want, not what you expect.



You Me At Six

Forget what you know about You Me At Six. The band is back for their sixth album and they’re determined to forge a new path for themselves.


Past Lives

Against The Current

With Past Lives, ATC is more pop, more powerful, and more tangible than ever before.


Generation Rx

Good Charlotte

GC have always spoken straight from the heart and it’s more present than ever with Generation Rx.


Summer is a Curse EP

The Faim

There’s something so honest, so earnest about The Faim’s sound, you can’t help but feel it.


Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Boston Manor

Welcome To The Neighbourhood definitely avoids the sophomore slump tendency.