The White Crow

Ralph Fiennes

A biopic about a famous Russian ballet dancer who wants freedom.


Long Shot

Jonathan Levine

Romantic opposites attract, clash, and smash on their way to the White House (and maybe the weed spot).



The Dose

The Dose are the 90’s rock revival you’ve been waiting for.


Red Joan

Trevor Nunn

Judy Dench plays an old woman who may or may not have been a spy.


Avengers: Endgame

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Other than the birth of your children or your mother’s smile, Endgame is the best thing you’ve ever seen. That is to say: I loved it.


Fast Color

Julia Hart

Three generations of gifted women live or die by the power they have within.


Someone Great

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Netflix’s new rom-com is for all those times when your SO suddenly gets gone.


The Red Scrolls of Magic

Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

Magnus Bane and his Shadowhunter boyfriend Alec Lightwood just want to relax on their European vacation but there’s a mysterious cult that’s seriously cramping their style in Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu’s The Red Scrolls of Magic.


Guava Island

Hiro Murai

Glover and friends make their own type of Purple Rain film.


Map of the Soul : Persona


BTS are “Flying high in the sky…with the two wings” ARMY gave them. With all of that love, devotion, and support (since the beginning) each are now BOYS WITH LUV.