The Good Liar

Bill Condon

A guy tries to run game on a lady but he doesn’t know she’s actually playing him. Also, they old. 


Last Christmas

Paul Feig

A Hallmark movie mixed with the forgettable drama Seven Pounds.


Doctor Sleep

Mike Flanagan

Danny Torrance returns to help a little girl who finds that ghosts aren’t the only things eager to devour those who “shine”…



Roland Emmerich

Everything leading up to the Battle of Midway (including the attack on Pearl Harbor) and the battle itself.


His Dark Materials


In a place very much like our own, science, magic, and a little bit of “dust” set the stage for a young orphan who is destined to either save or burn down the world.


Terminator: Dark Fate

Tim Miller

Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Conner and she ain’t taking no robot guff! 


American Son

Kenny Leon

Grade: C+ Basically: A harsh slice of the truth about being Black in America. In reflecting on the Netflix adaptation of American Son, I’m reminded of a line from A Few Good Men, “you can’t handle the truth.” I’m not being glib. This one is all about hard truths. And by maintaining the four-actor, stormy […]


Motherless Brooklyn

Edward Norton

An old-style film noir that doesn’t know if it wants to be a film or a TV show.


Daybreak [mini-review]


Welcome to the apocalypse—you’re late. By the time we meet Josh, the end of the world has already happened and he’s finally found his place in it (away from everyone else).


Jojo Rabbit

Written and Directed by Taika Waititi

Basically: Jojo Rabbit is the anti-hate satire the world needs right now. Jojo Betzler isn’t the Nazi he’s so keen to be, he’s just a 10-year-old boy who likes dressing up in a funny uniform and wants to be part of a club. His nationalist ideals and anti-Semitic leanings are challenged when Jojo finds that […]