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“The young and brave will never die.”

In a scene full of nostalgic rock, Jule Vera stands out by creating a youthful sound that will have you captivated. The new EP, Friendly Enemies, by the Alabama pop rock group has lyrics that speak of teen love, hope, and drama, and brings the light-hearted vibe that every summer should be filled with. The verses tell stories of heartbreak and what it’s like to feel the adrenaline of the night. Compelling drumbeats on this EP pull you in and immediately make you want to dance. Ansley Newman’s vocals are silvery but powerful, and though the sounds that the female-led group produce may seem simplistic, the EP is one which will have listeners feeling lively and carefree. The band mixes innocence, a sound that fuses No Doubt with Anberlin, and playful spirit to create a formula that you will be pumped to hear during their set at Warped Tour this summer.

Buy It, Stream It, or Skip It? Buy it. Being able to sing along to these tracks at Warped Tour will make their set even more fun.