Chit Chat

Beach Weather Label: 8123 Released: 11.04.16 Review by | November 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM

“Dressing up for polaroids and cigarettes.”

Dear Beach Weather,

You drove me crazy with that (new EP). From the very first track, you guys have not only knocked the ball out of the park, but out of the whole frigging galaxy, which is also where some of these songs belong.

Many bands have tried and failed to execute a mature, polished, and fun indie EP—but, I suppose those bands didn’t have veteran musician Nick Santino at the mic, joined by a stellar band that’s mastered starry arrangements, nostalgic melodies, fun beats, and undeniably catchy hooks. (If you could bottle that skill, y’all wouldn’t have to make music again a day in your life—in which case, I’m glad you can’t.)

From “Someone’s Disaster” to “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” you make me wanna pick up a flower headband and circle frame sunglasses, and dance in wildflowers until the sixties end. The sun might be gone for the winter, but tracks like “Chit Chat” are providing all the summer I need. Meanwhile, “Goddess” provides all the relationship advice I need (gotta treat her/him right, kids.)

Possibly the most remarkable aspect about this masterful creation, though, is that you can hear 8123 in it—perhaps because it’s more of a family than a corporation. The lighthearted and lively Arizona born vibes are thick, and would sound stellar alongside a The Maine album at an upcoming tour. *wink wink*

All in all, you guys are a fave, and can always be counted on to deliver the tunes needed to carry life through another day, month, year. Chit Chat is no exception to the rule, we can’t wait to see how the songs translate live (and how many kids fall in love all at once when “Tremors” rolls out.)

Buy It, Stream It, Skip It: Buy it, and play the sh*t out of it.