- #232: Thomas Ian Nicholas, Charming Liars

By | September 7, 2016 at 12:21 PM


Another big EJC episode with musician/actor Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie, Thomas Nicholas Band) and rising indie superstars Charming Liars.

The episode begins with Eddie playing a couple prank calls involving the Jason and Chris soundboards. After Jason and Chris criticizes the prank calls (but never contribute their own ideas) the guys welcome Charming Liars!

Charming Liars is a British/American rock band, based in Los Angeles, California but originally founded in London. They’ve been releasing music since 2012 with the release of their debut album. Now, they’re promoting their awesome new record, the 12:31 AM EP, available here. Singer Kiliyan Maguire calls in to chat about the smash new single “Soul”, how the band’s sound has evolved from rock to indie and just what what exactly the significance of the time 12:31 AM is.

Then, the guys are very happy to welcome Thomas Ian Nicholas. You know him from hit movies like Rookie of the Year, the American Pie series and tons more. But he’s also an accomplished musician and plays in his own band, Thomas Nicholas Band. The group plays original songs and favorite covers from the American Pie soundtrack. The interview goes in all directions, from what it took to get Nicholas’ music on the American Pie soundtrack, the Pledge Music campaign for the new record Frat Party (pre-order here), upcoming projects and tons more.

Also, Eddie confronts Fish of idobi’s Gone Fishkin’ on talking smack, Chris is given Game of Thrones style shaming, strip club buffets, Jason would be a prude as a woman, Chris with the latest news and more.

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