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Neptunes Trash Their N*E*R*D Debut

Production maestros the Neptunes didn’t find what they were looking for when they first tracked their debut album as N*E*R*D, In Search Of…

The duo have scrapped the effort and re-recorded its songs with live instrumentation instead of programming. The album, which was originally due in July, has not been rescheduled, though Neptune Pharrell Williams recently said it would come out in the fall.

The revised LP will feature all of the same songs and retain the same title, a Virgin Records spokesperson said. There was no word on whether a new version of the single, “Lap Dance,” will be serviced to radio.

Though they initially established themselves primarily as hip-hop producers, Williams and partner Chad Hugo recently have beefed up their pop and rock credits, producing tracks for Britney Spears, ‘NSYNC and No Doubt.