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Influence of Music on Casino Games

Music is one of the most important heritage of global human culture. Virtually every civilization in human history has had some sort of musical arrangement at some point during its tenure. From archaic instruments to the more organized and tactful compositions of today’s world, music is magic-made sound. Few other means can have such an impact on the emotional state of those who listen. Music can drive people to euphoric states of happiness and frenzy, send them spiraling down to sadness and melancholy, or make even the most stressful of situations suddenly become much more manageable. The effects of music on the human mind are well documented and known worldwide, along with the advantages it provides.

One industry that uses the effects of music to its fullest, is the casino business. Physical casinos and casinos online use specific beats to create a certain effect on their patrons and bring more money to the house. Today dear readers, let’s take a look at how music can affect the emotional response and behavior of gamblers.

Music And Mind

It has been proven time and time again that music can have long-lasting and powerful effects on the human psyche. Music has been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of depression and even mental illnesses such as dementia or schizophrenia. On the dark side, music can also have negative effects on people. Many different songs and genres have been linked to cases of depression and suicide, and there is even an urban legend surrounding the “Hungarian Suicide Song” Gloomy Sunday. The song’s lyrics and general score help serve the status of the song as a dark urban legend, yet most claims are completely unsubstantiated.

In contact sports, music helps fighters psych up for the upcoming match, and rile up the crowd in anticipation of the event. It has been proven that the heavy metal and rock themes can double the amount of testosterone and adrenaline produced by fighters before a match, preparing them just through sound for what lies ahead.

Relaxing music is often used during activities such as Tai Chi and Yoga, helping our minds achieve a state of deep meditation or connection to our inner energy.

The Casino Tactic

The former examples serve to illustrate the effects of music on human behavior and emotions, yet the ambiance and atmosphere set by music are equally important. Movies use somber scores for suspenseful or horrific sequences, sweet and romantic tones for love scenes, and exciting, fast-paced music for action sequences.

Casinos follow this same trend, and as such, their music encourages both mindful gambling and huge bets. While not to the same effect as music in fighting events, casino music can also increase the amount of testosterone and adrenaline produced, thus making gamblers act on their experience and instincts on when to bet big or be strategic.

Casino music is also important to establish the ambiance of the venue, both physical and online, as they help many gamblers keep their mind focused on the game. Most physical casinos have bar areas where gamblers can enjoy a little downtime while listening to their favorite songs. Music is so important for casinos that there are songs that have been purposely produced for casino use.

Casino Exclusives

While there are several different genres used in online and physical casinos, various songs have been produced and used primarily in casinos.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Released over 40 years ago, the song continues to hit the airwaves, being loved by gamblers all over the world. The meaning behind the song’s lyrics reminds gamblers of how to plan and carry out their activities, and the right mental state to have as they play.

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Released in 2008, the song by the talented, flamboyant artist Lady Gaga has had a tremendous breakthrough in the gambling business. Most venues, both online and physical, include the song in their playlists, helping gamblers get riled up for their next poker game and to always keep their poker face on at the table.

Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round

The British band released the song in 1985, and ever since then it has been on the trend. The song quickly gained worldwide fame, and soon after that was implemented in casino venues all over the world. The song gives games like roulette and poker a completely new meaning.

Instrumental Magic

Music is one of the few means that can directly touch our hearts in a way that can completely change how we feel or behave. Be it for casinos, movies, games, or plays, music plays an important part of human life worldwide. Let yourself be carried away by your favorite songs and take your gambling game to the next level.

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